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Edward Bess & Le Rouge Francais

Premium make-up brands new at DASPARFUM & Beauty

DASPARFUM & Beauty now offers the exclusive and luxurious make-up products by Edward Bess as well as vegan lipsticks by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS in rich red, delicate pink, intense brown and subtle nude shades. The two brands follow the motto aptly formulated by Edward Bess: "Keep it simple." Edward Bess, model and make-up artist alludes to the use of his make-up products. They must be easy to use and few but outstanding products must suffice for a convincing result. At LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS, the ingredients are kept simple: Instead of synthetic substances, the vegan lipsticks consist solely of natural ingredients & the intense colors are derived from plant substances.
Buy your completely vegan "Red Lipstick" favorite by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS online now at DASPARFUM & Beauty.

Check out the luxury makeup brand Edward Bess and LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS' vegan lipsticks in our new magazine feature with DASPARFUM & Beauty. We show you step by step how you can easily create a natural make-up look with Edward Bess, UNDGRETEL and LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS in a make-up tutorial.

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