Valentine's Day Inspiration: Luxury praising the Rose

A rose for Valentine's Day: the gift of love reinterpreted

The rose, with its incomparable fragrance, is the symbol of love. Therefore, the classic proof of love, a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day cannot be missed.

But what is it that makes this scent of the queen of flowers so fascinating?

A brief excursion into Greek saga poetry confirms that the rose was already considered the essence of seduction back then. Botticelli's work "The Birth of Venus" focuses on the appearance of roses with the appearance of the goddess of love. When Aphrodite rose from the foaming sea on her shell, she carried a bouquet of roses and they rained down on her.

But the secret of a rose is not exclusively its beauty, but its unmistakable fragrance. So why not make the classic features of Valentine's Day a little more modern and instead of carrying a bouquet of roses, carry the essence of the rose itself? We present to you the rose of nowadays:

Exclusive Valentine's Day product packages for men and women full of luxury items under the sign of the rose. A special gift like a long-lasting Valentine's Day perfume that your sweetheart is sure not to expect – or ideal to reward yourself with some self-care.

We celebrate love in all forms and scents!

Valentine's Day specials to fall in love with - tempting product packages for ladies & men

We have compiled the most beautiful Valentine's Day gift ideas for ladies and gentlemen from our extensive selection. Be inspired and make Valentine's Day a very special experience of love and well-being with these offers:

With these products full of aphrodisiac rose every woman becomes Aphrodite

The product package for women is all about the rose. The natural aphrodisiac with its lovely warm radiance enhances the mood and has a mood-lifting, seductive and fresh effect. With these products, enriched with the precious oils and essences of the magnificent flower, you can be sure to twist your beloved around your finger:

  • À la Rose EdP by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    This precious eau de parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is refined with 250 of the most exquisite roses from Grasse. An elegant and incomparable floral fragrance of a deep red rich rose blossom. Refined with fine cedar wood and dark musk, the exquisite fragrance of the beautiful flower becomes even more unique. The scent of rose only better.
    The selected fragrance flavors combined in Kurkdjians homage to the rose are unique and have never been smelled like this before.
    Feminine, floral and extraordinary, it strikes the tone of a confident woman in the 21st century. A good mix of modern and flirty, this perfume is for all seductresses who know what they want. Elegant and noble as the rose, the "queen among flowers".

  • À la Rose Scented Hair Mist
    The floral and delicate hair perfume with the unmistakably exquisite scent of À la Rose enchants with the first spray. Pure elegance for hair with a scent that will sweep into the world and cause a sensation with every breath of wind. Thanks to a hair-friendly formulation without alcohol, the hair structure is not damaged. Your radiantly beautiful mane is therefore complemented by another plus: the floral powdery fragrance from the house of Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

  • À la Rose Body Oil
    The fragrant body oil with the unique rose scent of À la Rose not only pampers your skin with the incredibly nourishing essential oils, but also keeps the scent on your body for a long time. The nourishing oil makes your skin very soft and gentle thanks to its moisturizing composition. At the same time, it absorbs quickly without becoming greasy. Who doesn't dream of velvety soft skin that smells seductively of roses? Your beloved will not be able to keep his hands off you.

  • Overose Anamorphine Pink Delightfully fresh and pink, this extremely feminine scented candle from Overose Overose lines up perfectly in our Valentine's Day package for you.
    Floral and fruity, the color resembles a bright pink candy or a bold rose. A true fragrance experience unfolds in the form of a peony under the warm summer sun, mingling with the sparkling notes of a fresh glass of raspberry lemonade and a hint of rose water. The composition is rounded off with a dash of kaffir lime, evoking the image of a lovely sunset in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
    The pink-colored plant wax contains only natural ingredients and a cotton wick that ensures an even burn without soot. The brand pays attention to animal-free manufacturing and eco-friendly packaging.

    Stop time on Valentine's Day and live the moment with this scented candle.

  • LEBON Toothpaste "Sweet Extravagance"
    The sweet extravagance of this flouride-free toothpaste captivates with a lovely creamy scent and pleasant taste experience. Orange blossom soothes the gums and has a balancing effect. Rose has a restorative effect and has a healing effect on the oral cavity.
    Instead of indulging in a sweet snack in between meals, treat yourself to this refreshingly novel toothpaste. The perfect gift to yourself so you can shine with a winning smile and healthy teeth.

  • L:A BRUKET Body Butter Wild Rose
    The incredibly fragrant BodyButter with the scent of wild rose is ideal for a care ritual. It gives a radiant healthy glow and soft skin with its precious wild rose oil. The essential miracle oil namely stimulates skin renewal and provides sufficient moisture in combination with rich cocoa butter. Shea butter and coconut oil also nourish to the lowest layers of the skin and counteract skin aging.
    Rely on the Body Butter by L:A BRUKET and the natural ingredients that strengthen skin's own functions and enjoy velvety soft skin. Combined with the ideal dress, your legs will make the perfect appearance on Valentine's Day.

  • Axiology Lip Crayon "Vibration"
    Axiology's lip crayon in a rich orange-pink and slightly matte finish is ideal for an exciting occasion like Valentine's Day. Stand out with your perfect kissable mouth.
    The moisturizing and vegan formulation is especially nourishing thanks to purely natural ingredients. Rich avocado and moringa oil keep your lips from drying out. The strong pigments guarantee a high color intensity with which you shine all evening.

  • Agent Nateur Holi Rose Deodorant No. 4
    The natural ingredients of this nourishing deodorant by Agent Nateur is enriched with essential oils of rose and sandalwood, both natural pheromones that spread a distinctive scent.
    The healthy composition of coconut, avocado and castor oils, along with natural beeswax and sunflower butter, soothes underarms irritated from shaving and leaves soft skin.

  • YÙ Rose Quartz Facial Roller
    Bring the tradition of Chinese medicine into your bathroom with the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. The skin-soothing and balancing properties of rose quartz combine with the tightening and firming functions of the face roller. Ideally suited for lymphatic drainage, the healing properties of the gemstone face roller drains accumulated lymphatic fluid and creates a healthy complexion with glow. In addition, the soothing facial massage stimulates the skin's own collagen formation and has a positive effect on the harmony balance.
    YÙ Cosmetics gemstones are mined from high-quality minerals and processed into effective healing stones.

Valentine's Day gifts for strong men with soft core

We know, every strong man is also happy about a little something for Valentine's Day. After all, who doesn't like to get the confirmation of being loved? To ensure that your sweetheart is also completely happy on Valentine's Day, we present our Valentine's Day product package for men:

  • L'Homme À la Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    The lookalike of À la Rose, but for men - modern, invigorating and utterly seductive. Fresh green and fruity grapefruit notes unite its sporty character with the all-encompassing deep red bloom of Damask rose from Bulgaria. Spicy amber notes refresh with pure masculinity. The interpretation of rose for men by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

  • LEBON Toothpaste "Fearless Freedom"
    A bold blend of strength and courage contains Lebon's minty Fearless Freedom toothpaste, enhanced with blackcurrant. Rich in antioxidants, this toothpaste maintains a healthy oral environment, preventing and reducing inflammation. The natural awakener without flouride prepares you for a stress-free start to the day. Nothing is impossible with Fearless Freedom.

  • Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25
    Soft lips invite you to kiss them. Jack Black 's Intense Therapy Lip Balm nourishes dry lips with natural cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter, chamomile and green tea to provide rich moisture. With a sun protection factor and balmy texture, your lips are ideally protected from sun exposure and cold temperatures.

  • D.S. & Durga "Burning Bazaar"
    The 1261 Fabledorf Christmas Market fire inspired the scent of this scented candle. Delicious gingerbread, wooden toys and black spruce all buried under a thick mantle of fire and ash. A spicy blend of sensual notes combined with the tart smoke, is what makes Burning Bazaar so appealing. Spicy, smoky, oriental, with a burn time of up to 60 hours and delivered in a beautiful gift box, the scented candle from D.S. & Durga spreads its very own powerful aura.

  • Agent Nateur Unisex Deodorant No. 5
    The scent of vetiver, cistus and cedar wood is carried by the natural ingredients without pesticides and pampers sensitive skin. Coconut oil, beeswax, sunflower and avocado butters provide rich care. Castor oil and the essential oils of rose and sandalwood soothe irritated skin. A deodorant of the brand Agent Nateur you can count on.

  • YÙ Jade Face Roller
    A gemstone face roller doesn't just belong in a woman's bathroom, as it's just as beneficial for men's skin. Taken from traditional Chinese medicine, the face roller contributes to a healthy and plump appearance. Through the massage, lymphatic drainage, pent-up lymph fluid is encouraged to drain and collagen formation is promoted. Taut and youthful, the skin blossoms with a fresh glow and benefits from the positive properties of gemstones. Jade is known for its balancing effect. The gemstone gives inner peace and also promotes love.

Inspired by our product packages for Valentine's Day? Then surprise your loved ones with something fancy for the day of love and show them how much they mean to you.


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