Discover the new generation of luxurious natural cosmetics

Nuori sets new standards for care products. Longer lasting is no longer the goal, but especially being fresh and effective.
In our shop we exclusively present you the special care products by Nuori with the special freshness kick. The new generation of skin care targets the high demands of today's uncompromising consumers who have a consciousness for healthy and sustainable skin care.

Nuori's concept of fighting for freshness of products sets itself apart from all other skincare manufacturers and, according to founder Jasmi Bonnén, was initially dismissed as a "crazy idea." Against all predictions, her brand thrives and shines with the most effective and fresh products available on the luxury skincare market:

Highly effective and natural skin care with freshness guarantee

Nuori was founded in 2015 with the aim of producing efficient skin care from natural ingredients and always making them available fresh. In accordance with the company's philosophy "Fight for fresh", to this day only small product quantities are produced on a 10-12 week rotation and shipped to sales partners immediately thereafter. The specially made protective packaging also protects the products from the effects of light, air and bacteria.
Thus, the Danish brand and the team around the founder Jasmi Bonnén guarantee that the pure ingredients can develop optimally and act maximally. Nuori is also a convinced representative of Clean Beauty and dispenses entirely with artificial additives that would extend the shelf life of the cosmetics. Likewise, the care products are free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances or dyes. With Nuori products you can be sure to get the best from nature - like a blooming flower, freshly picked.

Fresh, fresher, Nuori: The range of the exclusive care brand

Nuori Cosmetics' luxurious creams, serums and oils are the freshest skincare products on the market today. Body care, hand creams and soaps, cleansing products, masks and protective hair care products, the Danish brand's range offers everything your heart desires.
A new category also adds some effective products to the range: The range of Nuori Infinity products specializes in anti-aging. Using a natural alternative to retinol, the products have a brightening and firming effect. A face serum, an eye serum and a night care provide all-round care and prevent skin aging.

The Super Booster of the Nuori Infinity series is a speciality of the brand: From different boosters against sallow, wrinkled, blemished and uneven skin, two can be selected and thus a care tailored to your own skin type be compiled.

Convince yourself and get a free sample

The effect of the high-quality products is just as convincing as the clean, attractive packaging. In particular, the Cleansing Foam, the Lip Balm and the Vitamin C Treatment have become bestsellers in our online store. We are happy to offer a special promotion to all loyal lovers and those who would like to test the brand for the first time: Currently, we include a free sample of Vital Facial Cream or Vital Hand Cream with all orders that include at least one Nuori product. Test the luxurious care products now and experience a freshness kick of a special kind!

The advantages of Nuori summarized at a glance:

  • Absolute freshness of all products ensures effect and perfect development of raw materials
  • Indication of an expiry date shows the transparency of the brand
  • 100% natural and free from harmful ingredients
  • Specially made protective packaging that protects against harmful environmental influences

Accessories by Nuori - practical and beautiful

Recently, the Danish brand has expanded its portfolio with a fine selection of useful accessories. At DASPARFUM & Beauty you can now also find the beautifully shaped Travel Cases and the practical combs. The luxurious products in Scandinavian design were handmade from a high-quality wood pulp (cellulose acetate) and achieve the optimal detangling effect for all hair types. The Detangling Combs are our recommendation for all lovers of visually appealing and at the same time practical accessories - also ideal as a special gift.

Discover the power of freshness with Nuori and treat yourself to natural luxury care for an all-round impressive appearance.