Carner Barcelona

Barcelona bottled in a flacon - the extraordinary niche perfumes by Carner Barcelona

The pulsating lifestyle of a big city, winding lanes between architecturally stunning houses. The planned city of Barcelona holds many beautiful corners. But between the boulevard, the Passeig de Gracia and numerous lush inner gardens of l'Esquerra de l'Eixample is the boutique for extravagant niche perfumes by Carner Barcelona Parfum.
Sara Carner has fulfilled a dream with her luxury perfume label and combined her passion and her homeland – in her Eau de Parfums she unites the soul of Barcelona with its unique fragrances.

Discover the exceptional niche fragrances by Carner Barcelona at DASPARFUM & Beauty and escape on an olfactory journey into the hustle and fizz of the big city with the Unisex fragrances.

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Niche fragrances for women & men by Carner Barcelona Parfum: vibrant, sensual, deep

From the encompassing culture & Mediterranean lifestyle of her Spanish home Barcelona, Sara Carner draws her boundless inspiration for the high-end niche fragrances. Suitable for ladies and men alike, Carner Barcelona's premium perfumes combine the warm spicy aromas of Spanish specialties with the floral and fruity notes from lush floral and fruit bouquets.
She combines local producers straight from Barcelona with the tradition of craftsmanship that her family stands for – a capable family of leather craftsmen. To capture the soul of Barcelona in the luxury perfumes, she works with the most respected master perfumers worldwide – because Barcelona holds an inexhaustible wealth of facets, where every single nuance is crucial.

In our shop you will find the absolute favourites of Carner Barcelona's five perfume lines – the bestsellers for men and women:

  • Woody Collection: Cuirs, Tardes, D600
  • Love Collection: Latin Lover
  • History Collection: Ambar del Sur
  • Mediterranean Collection: Bo-Bo
  • Black Collection: Volcano

All of Carner Barcelona's premium perfumes use only high-quality and, above all, natural ingredients sourced from local producers. Sulphates, parabens and phthalates are completely avoided. What makes the special fragrances niche fragrances? They differ from conventional perfumes because of their high fragrance oil concentration, which gives you a very intense and long-lasting scenting experience.

Even more fragrance experience from Carner Barcelona: perfume for the hair

The exclusive perfumes by Carner Barcelona can now also be found as hair perfumes at DASPARFUM & Beauty. Why a Carner Barcelona hair perfume? Carner Barcelona hair perfumes contain a lower percentage of alcohol to keep your hair beautifully smooth. As a more gentle alternative, the pleasant hair perfumes spread a luxurious fragrance experience by gently laying on the hair and creating a pleasantly soft hair feeling.

Pamper your hair with the special niche fragrances of Bo-Bo, Latin Lover, Costarella and Tardes, all available at DASPARFUM & Beauty, your exclusive online perfume shop.