Chemist Luisa Wiesche herself struggled with dry and chapped hands. After testing various hand creams and failing to find a long-lasting care cream, she unceremoniously made a milk from brazil nuts in her own kitchen. Even a small amount of this was enough to repair the stressed hands. Luisa Wiesche perfected the recipe, set up a small laboratory in Hamburg and founded her own cosmetics brand. The flagship of Delou is the brazil nut hand cream. Brazil nuts, which come from Luisa Wiesche's home Brazil, contain essential and unsaturated fatty acids that ensure supple skin. In addition, Brazil nut oil has a high content of antioxidants that counteract the signs of skin aging. All Delou products are handmade with fresh ingredients in small batches. This guarantees a high level of nutrients, which in turn is the basis for optimal effectiveness. In addition, the hand creams are available in recyclable aluminum tubes, which effectively protect the valuable product. Try the ultra-nourishing hand cream and enjoy a velvety soft skin feeling.