diptyque Paris: Europe's most exquisite fragrance accents in unique premium niche fragrances for women & men

2021 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the exclusive niche brand diptyque Paris.
What is the success behind the special diptyque premium perfumes, luxurious diptyque scented candles and indulgent diptyque body care products with unique fragrance experience?
The luxury brand is the result of a passionate friendship of a trio of founders. From their passions art, perfume, music, travel, ancient history and a social gathering they developed a unique concept and created one of the most popular niche brands worldwide.

Everywhere you can find diptyque fans who just can not get enough of the luxurious perfumes, care and interior products. Even the Duchess of Sussex, the former actress Meghan Markle, is a great lover of the unique fragrances and scented candles of diptyque Paris.

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Learn more about founders, ingredients and more in our DIPTYQUE Brand World.

diptyque Paris - this is what makes the niche brand with its premium fragrances so special

The love and passion of the special niche brand diptyque Paris is in so many small details that make up the luxury brand. We want to show you detail by detail:

  • The three founders started with a small store at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, which was decisive for the naming of the brand.
    "diptyque" comes from the french language and means diptych. The term describes a painting divided into two parts. Like an amulet, the boutique opens with the shop windows framed by a door and presents the treasures collected by the founders during their travels through Europe to the people. A "colorful bazaar" is what the artist collective made up of architect Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, scottish painter Desmond Knox-Leet and set designer Yves Coueslant affectionately called their Paris boutique diptyque. They later expanded their boutique even further by taking over the adjacent bar Orphéon, where they drew much inspiration for their creations.
  • The premium niche brand is characterized by various influences:
    . The penchant for ancient art history has produced the oval characteristic of diptyque - infinite and life-affirming, it determines the shape of the perfume bottle and the label on the diptyque premium niche fragrances.
  • The designs of the perfumes are also characterized by the image of the two-part amulet: on the front as picture puzzle the title of the perfume, on the back the decryption in pictures, which reveal the genesis and ingredients of the luxury perfume.

Travel souvenirs were soon joined in 1963 and 1968 by the first of their own fragrance creations in the form of specially created and manufactured diptyque scented candles and premium unisex perfumes for men and women. Today, the niche brand diptyque still draws from the creative ideas of the founding trio to fulfill their vision of excellent fragrances that enrich the world in the form of Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, room fragrances and luxury body care.

The special bestselling unisex fragrances PHILOSYKOS and DO SON as well as the worldwide popular diptyque scented candle BAIES can also be found in the online shop of DASPARFUM & Beauty. Buy the diptyque favorites online and enjoy special luxury.

Eine exquisite Auswahl an Luxus: Raumdüfte, Unisex-Luxusparfums und Premium-Pflegeprodukte von diptyque Paris

In our exclusive online shop for exceptional niche brands, luxury perfumes and room fragrances you will find a large product range of the worldwide popular luxury brand diptyque Paris.

Get to know the scentscapes and fragrance families of diptyque with all their facets:

The special fragrances are available as eaux de parfum, eaux de toilette and additionally also as lovingly designed fragrance gestures. As perfume or fragrance gestures, the brand describes its diptyque hair perfumes and body care, which are equipped with the exquisite fragrances of diptyque Paris and thereby have a fragrance oil concentration of a diptyque Eau de Toilettes - a long-lasting olfactory pleasure experience for body and soul.

The special pizzazz of the premium niche brand is that you can combine the scents with each other - and we can only cordially invite you to really try it.
The fragrance layering works so well because the different products all have different fragrance carriers or bases. If it is alcohol in the case of the eau de parfum, it is denatured alcohol, i.e. a much gentler alcohol, in the case of the diptyque hair perfume, and rich shea butter in the case of the body care creams. The different fragrance carriers each highlight the fragrance nuances of the ingredients in a different way, which is why the individual perfume gestures can differ olfactorily from the same fragrance.

Grab your favorite perfume from diptyque Paris - perhaps the indulgent and contrasting eau de parfum with vanilla EAU DUELLE - combine it with an eau de toilette, such as the intensely woody TAM DAO, plus a refreshing premium hair perfume – green, leafy-fresh with EAU DES SENS - and finally a perfumed body spray, which incidentally still cares for the skin velvety-soft - the floral notes of DO SON harmonize ideally with the woody ones of EAU DES SENS.

DASPARFUM & Beauty wishes you a lot of fun while getting to know the luxurious care line of diptyque Paris and is happy to advise you on any questions.
For helpful application tips or exciting background information, you are also welcome to watch videos on the Youtube channel of diptyque Paris.

Unisex luxury fragrances with the charm of nature: diptyque Paris is natural & eco-conscious

In the premium perfumes and eaux de toilette of diptyque Paris you will find almost exclusively natural ingredients. But diptyque Paris has prepared something special for its customers. Each special niche fragrance contains an olfactory surprise - an ingredient that can only be smelled in the course and gives the fragrance an unexpected twist. Be curious!

Diptyque organizes the extraction of raw materials through fair trade projects with small villages such as Haiti, where they source vetiver.
The handcrafted diptyque scented candles shine with eight to nine different mineral waxes, while the room sprays consist entirely of essential oils.
With the animal-free Clean Beauty care products, on the other hand, you can look forward to a special application experience, as the textures transform in combination with your skin or water. They are based solely on natural plant substances, which are gently obtained through plant infusions, so that all highly effective ingredients can be used specifically for the skin.

You see - diptyque always pays attention to your health and the protection of the environment in the manufacturing processes as well as the finished products themselves. In the diptyque premium cosmetics no harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones or irritating surfactants are used, so you can use the wonderfully fragrant luxury care products even with sensitive skin with pleasure.
Some of the care products also come in beautiful glass containers with convenient pump dispensers and refills. A commendable luxury brand in the eyes of DASPARFUM & Beauty.

For more information on the application or manufacturing processes of the unique premium products from diptyque Paris, feel free to drop by our extensive brand world about diptyque Paris, where you will find everything you need to know about this special niche brand.

Otherwise, we are happy if you find your suitable premium fragrance among the special niche fragrances of diptyque Paris, possibly complement with other beautiful fragrance gestures and indulge yourself in the daily body care ritual with special candle flicker of the wonderful diptyque scented candles.
diptyque Paris - the extraordinary luxury brand to now buy online at DASPARFUM & Beauty.