Oribe - the hair care of the star hairdresser

Oribe Canales is not only a legend in the world of fashion, he also made his mark with his signature "Big Hair-Style" the supermodel era of the 90s. Over 4 decades long Oribe not only worked with the most famous magazines, but also with the biggest style icons in the world like Jennifer Lopez. Also the work in his own salon laid the foundation for his hair care & styling collection - with great great success! Because the US luxury brand Oribe sets the bar high within the market for exclusive hair care. the market for exclusive hair care. By blending innovative formulas, high-performance products, as well as award-winning packaging and years of experience, the luxury hair care brand Oribe is not only highly regarded by stylists worldwide, they also offer true everyday luxury for everyone. But Oribe is known not only for their exclusive hair care, Oribe is best known for its sensual, beguiling fragrance, which was once developed specifically for the luxury brand. The signature hair care fragrance Oribe "Cote d'Azur" was developed by one of the oldest perfume houses in France especially for the brand Oribeand runs through the entire line - a fine, sensual fragrance, created especially for the hair - to accompany you throughout the day. The product variety of the brand is immeasurable: from sprays to shampoos or masks, to oils and conditioners: luxury hair care brand Oribe, picks up every hair type where it needs it and delivers visible results after the first application: curls define more clearly and get their natural bounce back. Unstable hair appears rejuvenated and receives a wonderful brilliance through valuable oils.