Perfume creations for individualists – discover the certain extravagance with niche perfumes

Legends tell of great deeds. For us, perfumes do it. Inspired by unique destinies, breathtakingly beautiful places and unique encounters, the perfumers recreate the stories of the world and translate them into olfactory works of art.
We would like to take you on a journey through the unique fragrances for men and women with our excellent luxury perfumes - because with their scent they tell of unseen worlds and magical moments:
Dream away to lush rose gardens and fruity orchards with fragrances by Maison Francis Kurkdjian or to the hot desert of Morocco full of luminous lanterns with perfumes by Mancera. Famous personalities from past decades are presented to you by Histoires de Parfum and the Italian perfumer Sergio Momo behind the brand Xerjoff combines the most exquisite of nature with the most beautiful experiences of his travels in his perfumes.
Now it's your turn. At DASPARFUM & Beauty you too will find your perfect fragrance and create memories worth telling.

Your perfume online shop for women and men – exclusive fragrances everyone likes to wear

Perfume and beauty are our passion. That is why we are always looking for innovative perfumers and their unique creations to present them to you first hand. Whether a light eau de toilette, a long-lasting eau de parfum or an opulent oud fragrance, each scent has its own specialty.
As a little inspiration, we present a few of our most exclusive brands of niche fragrances for men and women to you below:

  • Xerjoff: The creations of Sergio Momo have been very popular in the world of niche perfumes since 2004. The perfumer builds the fragrance compositions on his connection with nature, choosing only the most exquisite ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. The excellence of his work is a union of fragrance and design: luxurious materials such as velvet envelop the handcrafted Murano glass and quartz flacons – olfactory eye-catchers.
  • Histoires de Parfum: The delicate fragrances of Gerald Ghislain tell their stories since 1999. The compositions of his elements are inspired by people, experiences and encounters and serve as a template for his exclusive fragrances. The design also corresponds to the idea of storytelling: the flacons in the form of books create a library of excellent fragrances lined up sideways.
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian: One of the most famous perfumers of our time, Francis Kurkdjian always hits the pulse of the times with his bespoke creations. The premise for his creations: Timeless perfumes full of purity and sophistication that do justice to the appropriate occasion and mood. The simple flacons point the focus to the precious interior. From a fragrance wardrobe with countless facets and emotions, Kurkdjian selects unique ingredients and combines them to create extraordinary olfactory experiences. Perfumes created by the precision of a perfectionist.
  • Mancera Paris: The brand Mancera Paris comes from the collaboration of perfumer Pierre Montale and his daughter Amélie. The two combine in their perfumes not only a special aesthetic full of graphic elegance, but also combine Western fragrances with the best qualities of oriental perfumes. Long-lasting, intense and exceptional, the perfumes are refined with selected ingredients, including high-quality oud, the most expensive perfume oil in the world, which Montale learned to appreciate while working in Saudi Arabia.

Luxury and niche perfume – what makes them so unique?

Pure luxury is not a commodity that can be taken for granted. This is also the basis of the concept of niche fragrances, which are known for this luxury. The exclusive fragrance compositions consist in each case of hand-picked ingredients, whereby the creations arise solely from the visions of the perfumer. The special compositions are unique works of creation, which are only available in limited quantities.
Unlike ordinary ones, the top, heart and base notes of a niche perfume are completely different from each other. This not only creates an exceptionally accentuated perfume, but also exudes a diverse fragrance for hours. We also affectionately call them visionary fragrances for lovers of individuality. Get to know the advantages of a niche perfume for men and women at first hand and you will never want to use any other again.

Our niche perfumes stand for diversity and freedom: we carry numerous unisex fragrances that cannot be put into any category. Depending on your preference, they can be worn universally by women and men alike.
Decide for yourself which fragrance you wear and which side of yourself you show - your exceptional perfume will help you.

Molecular fragrances – simple perfume compositions with great effect

Emphasize your personality with the extraordinarily molecular fragrances. How does it work? A molecular fragrance consists of only up to six ingredients, which unfold their aroma simultaneously and not one after the other. The simple composition means that the personal body odor of the wearer is not overshadowed by the sprayed-on fragrance but, on the contrary, particularly emphasizes it. Due to this unique ability, molecular fragrances smell different for each person and optimally emphasize the personality of the wearer. The "fragrance haute couture" is our crowning glory for perfume lovers with individuality factor, because perfume does not get more personal than this.

We look forward to accompanying you on your own personal perfume journey. Wrap yourself in the exclusive luxury of our exceptional niche perfumes and blossom in your full splendor.
And little heads up: you will be showered with compliments.