Niche perfumes with oriental luxury: Amouage spreads the perfume art of the Omani kingdom

"The gift of kings" the exquisite Amouage luxury perfumes are also called - for two reasons. On the one hand, the precious premium perfumes are presented as a gift of hospitality to heads of state of foreign countries and on the other hand, the exclusive products of Amouage are aimed at the queen and king in each of us. Inspired by the Orient, the niche brand Amouage launched as a family business of the Omani royal family revives the traditional perfume art of Arabia, crafting the finest raw materials of the Kingdom of Oman into high-quality luxury perfumes that have been popular around the world since its inception in 1983.

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Among other things, the worldwide bestsellers of Amouage: Amouage Gold, Amouage Dia, Amouage Reflection and Amouage Honour - each for women and men a very special treat.

For even more interesting background on the luxurious perfume house based in Oman, Amouage, visit our detailed brandworld of Amouage.

Named "Star Product of the Year" - Amouage perfumes are top of the luxury perfume sector

In 1983, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, together with His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoul al bu Said, decided to revive the Arabian art of perfume. And so in the Omani Kingdom one of the world's best-known niche brands for perfume and luxury care was born: Amouage.

Not only extremely popular with royalty and nobility, the hype surrounding the luxury perfume brand Amouage is spreading around the world. 950 sales outlets in 70 countries as well as 19 independent perfume boutiques offer the exclusive niche fragrances of the Kingdom of Oman - and of course now you can also get the special perfumes of Amouage at DASPARFUM & Beauty.

You can experience Amouage's extraordinary perfume experience with us in the form of two perfume lines - niche fragrances from the Main Collection and the Secret Garden Collection - each with outstanding perfumes for women and men. The Main Collection contains many of the first creations, all of which have become bestsellers. The Secret Garden Collection takes you on a sensual journey to the hidden gardens of the Orient full of lovely blossoms with delicate scent accents of the summer sun. You recognize the fragrances for her and him respectively by the especially elegant flacons of Amouage perfumes, which stand for Omani goldsmithing.
While the women's fragrances are filled in a small, square container, the flacons for the men's fragrances are larger with a rectangular shape. According to the brand, the container for the women's flacons was based on the appearance of a mosque. The men's bottle is reminiscent of a traditional dagger from Arabia, the so-called "khanjar", thanks to the unusual closure.

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The essence of Amouage luxury perfumes - Arabian perfume art & the finest raw materials of the Orient

To create their unique premium perfumes, Amouage draws on modern expertise and innovative technologies from the birthplace of Eau de Parfums, France. They combine this knowledge with traditional perfume creation techniques from Arabia to create luxury fragrances that find appeal around the world. Amouage sources the high-quality raw materials from the Middle East itself and has them processed by respected perfumers from Paris, Geneva, New York and Grasse into the exquisite Amouage luxury perfumes for men and women.
All olfactory works of art from Amouage are characterized by a very special perfume handwriting: a special love for detail, careful hand blending and harmonious fragrance contrasts, which lead to long-lasting and intense perfume experiences. The Orient is also known for its exceptionally long-lasting Oud fragrances, true luxury scents that are a delight for both ladies and gentlemen. True oud fragrances are characterized by a precious fragrance oil extracted from the resin of the eagle tree. Due to its high intensity, this very expensive ingredient only needs to be used in very small quantities to spread its beguiling scent.

The local manufacturing of Amouage luxury fragrances takes place under fair conditions - a condition to which Amouage attaches great importance. All highly qualified employees work under very good working conditions and thus create together with Amouage an awareness of a responsible approach to the environment and fellow human beings.

Amouage perfumes and Body Care Products are thoroughly imbued with pure luxury and endless elegance. Do you want to feel like a queen or king, too? You deserve it!
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Enjoy the royal perfume creations from Oman with the premium perfume brand Amouage.