Edward Bess

Edward Bess - the face behind the luxury make-up brand from New York

Edward Bess, an up-and-coming makeup brand since 2006, is considered a true insider tip. The model and self-trained make-up artist is an absolute eye-catcher himself with his piercing blue eyes and curly mane that reaches down to his waist – an attitude that he also packs into his exclusive cosmetics brand Edward Bess.
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  • The complete line of special lipsticks: Ultra Slick Lipstick
  • The Ultra Dewy Complexion Perfector: BB Cream + Foundation + Primer in different shades
  • The GLAMARAMA Finishing Powder for the perfect matte complexion
  • The Threads of Silk Powder: blush of various shades of pink – just to name a few highlights.

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Know-how & gained experience: the success behind the premium make-up brand Edward Bess

Easy to apply, that is what the products of his decorative cosmetics brand must be. The founder and developer of Edward Bess' exclusive make-up products learned to appreciate this experience himself during his modeling days. The exclusive make-up products from Edward Bess can be applied simply, without much fuss and in just a few steps, and deliver convincing results. Edward Bess wants to emphasize and highlight natural beauty with its premium make-up products.
This is because his brand follows the motto "less is more" and encourages everyone to value their own appearance and accentuate their beauty even more with just a few, but good make-up products that suit their own type.
We at DASPARFUM & Beauty support this attitude as well and are pleased to offer you the exclusive make-up products by Edward Bess.

From the passion for make-up to his own decorative cosmetics line: Edward Bess & his background

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Edward Bess grew up with three older sisters and came into contact with makeup and cosmetics at an early age. His enthusiasm was immediately piqued and eventually led him to the success he enjoys today with his eponymous makeup brand, Edward Bess.
In his teens, he decided to study theater in New York, but was then discovered as a model and he moved to London. As one of the most sought-after male models, he became famous in the fashion world. His time in London inspired him to create his own lipstick collection. What drove him during his theater days and modeling career to finally decide to start his own premium makeup brand? Everything he did and continues to do today stems from his profound love for timeless and classic beauty. In 2006, at a young 20, he launched his first collection "Ultra Slick" of ten lipsticks with timeless colors at Bergdorf Goodman's Lip Wardrobe. Nourishing textures and colors wearable by all skin types that never go out of style make his lipsticks classic all-around talents.
An overnight best-seller, Edward Bess was encouraged by the success and high demand of his first lipstick collection and created a complete luxury makeup line.
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Luxury make-up products by Edward Bess make hearts of beauty fans beat faster

His entire premium makeup range includes all the makeup products needed for successful makeup. From a foundation all-rounder, the Ultra Dewy Complexion Perfector, the novelty, GLAMARAMA Finishing Powder to Natural Enhancing Eyeshadow Palettes, Eyeliners, Defining Lip Liners, Lip Glosses and marbled Highlighters and Bronzers, Edward Bess offers everything with its exclusive make-up products – in top quality.
The creative process for creating his decorative cosmetics takes place in his native New York City. His beauty creations are manufactured in Italy, as Edward Bess appreciates the country's high-quality manufacturing as well as being a fan of its beautiful coastal landscape.

All of his luxury products are in natural tones that look good on everyone and expertly highlight their natural beauty. Rich colors, shimmering accents, deep black pigments, creamy and glossy textures - the luxurious makeup collection by Edward Bess not only lets you discover your natural beauty, but is also characterized by a wearing comfort of a whole new kind. Look forward to an intense and long-lasting makeup experience with the special makeup products by Edward Bess. Stop by at DASPARFUM & Beauty and find your favorite products.

And one more tip from Edward Bess himself, which we don't want to deprive you of during your beauty experience with his decorative luxury make-up: "Keep it simple".

We have summarized the make-up favorites of our colleagues in the office in a make-up tutorial, in which we demonstrate the application of Edward Bess products live: