Juliette has a gun

Do you already know our olfactory secret weapon? The Luxury Collection of Juliette has a gun will blow your mind

"Perfection is boring" says Romano Ricci, founder of Juliette has a gun. And he is right. Why should a woman be just perfect when she can be fabulous in so many ways? Feminine, sensual, elegant, powerful, independent, provocative, wicked, cuddly, and yet as fleetingly flowing as a silken evening gown ... this is the 21st century olfactory reinterpretation of Shakespeare's Juliet. But beware, she carries a gun!
And we're happy to tell you what secret weapon makes Juliette this stunning woman: It's the scent of seduction - or also: the Luxury Collection by Juliette has a gun.

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A reinvention of Shakespeare's Juliet is the main character of Juliette has a gun - the perfume brand for powerful women. The metaphorical gun is the symbol for the fragrance as a "weapon of seduction". The extraordinary richness of facets of women's fragrances spurs women to get the maximum out of themselves and their lives.
With Juliette has a gun, you carry your secret weapon at all times and can be the strong and self-determined woman that Shakespeare already told us about.
Inspired by the facets of extraordinary women, created for unique women like you.

Fragrances against all reason - the women's fragrances of the Luxury Collection

In creating his Luxury Collection, Romano Ricci put the desire to create beautiful fragrances at first place. No expense or effort was spared in bringing together the most exquisite and highest quality ingredients to form long-lasting eau de parfums of extraordinary intensity. The perfumer himself says: "When creating the Luxury Collection, I did not limit myself in the selection. I want the fragrances to be perfect - complete and elegant."
He has succeeded in this feat with his unique fragrances thanks to high perfume oil content. Reliable and intense, the luxury perfumes permanently exude their fragrance and enrich your senses.

And here they are:

  • Into the void: The dark energy of the fragrance beguiles with an ultra-woody cocktail of guaiac wood, papyrus, cedar and patchouli. The severe mix is joined by black orchid, warm tonka bean and spicy licorice, which contribute sensuality and tranquility. This fragrance spreads floral-woody chords in the darkness.
  • Liquid Illusion: The liquid illusion is as beguiling as an inviting trance. Floral and amber notes of iris and heliotropin (an ingredient in ecstasy) have a stimulating effect on your surroundings and senses. Beware, this floral-oriental composition awakens addictive potential!
  • Metal Chypré: If copper were a perfume, it would smell like this - classic chords of a chypre fragrance interpreted in a modern way. Aromatic alloy, floral artistry and oriental sophistication come together in this fragrance for a unique olfactory experience.
  • Moon Dance: A composition full of contradictions that, when put together, create the uniquely warm and fragrant scent of a night flower. With its opposites, the composition has a particularly magnetic effect - like sun and moon, elegant and luminous with a sparkling silvery shimmer.
  • In the Mood for Oud: This fragrance is not stingy with its charms – fruity-tinged bergamot first appears playful to you before showing its sensual, seductive side. Warm, intense and opulent, this oud fragrance convinces with tonka bean and vanilla, saffron and raspberry.
  • Oil Fiction: A play of light and oriental notes – sensual and aromatic, elegant and oriental. A royal elixir of red saffron blended with golden amber puts you on the trail of wild nature.
  • White Spirit: Fire collides with ice, two forces of nature that attract and repel each other. Accompanying the unlikely pair are floral accords – jasmine sambac and tuberose absolute, which embrace them sensual and stately. Sandalwood and ambroxan make the fragrance a bit more modern with their woody notes and add the final touch.

Nestled in a white lacquered box to open, each individual eau de parfum is kept like a piece of jewelery. Even before spraying, the beautiful storage is a joy to behold.

Juliette has a gun - the perfume brand for the self-confident woman of today

Romano Ricci, the founder of Juliette has a gun ushered in a new era of fragrance for women in 2006. He inherited his love for perfume from his grandmother, an avid fashion lover and creator of the fragrance "L'air du temps". Surrounded by creativity and beauty since childhood, he learned from the greatest perfumers, including Francis Kurkdjian, and now processes his passion in creating and developing always new women's fragrances for independent women.
He has made his impressive niche perfumes for women what they are today: Symbols of style and originality.
With his brand, he celebrates the diversity of women and appeals to each individual to be proud of her unique being.

With the Luxury Collection, he goes one better and invites you to rediscover yourself every day with the seductive fragrances, to face challenges with courage and to step through life with self-determination.

Discover your inner Juliette and pull out your secret weapon, we have your back.