Parle Moi de Parfum

A look behind the scenes of perfume creation: what is the secret of Parle moi de Parfum's unique perfumes?

Like a symphony of fragrances, Parle moi de Parfum's olfactory works of art blend together into harmonious formulas. Uniquely fabulous ingredients, combined into a true laudation – this is how the perfumers, Michel Almairac and his sons tell the creation stories of their perfumes.
Step by step, attempt by attempt, the enormous wealth of impressive components is tested, improved and perfected – and you are in the front row. The name of the brand Parle moi de Parfum already contains its vision: to create unique perfumes and participation for the future wearers in the creation process.
And now we want to fulfill this mission as well: we will tell you something about the genesis of the extraordinary perfumes of Parle moi de Parfum.

A blend of magic and innovation: the science behind the perfumes by Parle moi de Parfum

The approach of Parle moi de Parfum's eau de parfums is as experimental as it is clear: the rarest ingredients are mixed peu à peu with very high proportions of fragrance oils to create the exquisite perfumes. Michel Almairac and his sons Benjamin and Romain wanted to make the production of their perfumes as transparent and comprehensible as possible. Clear facts about the ingredients and their origin, as well as about the creation process, allow the wearer to take a look behind the fragrance curtain.
The process of creation is even illustrated on the bottle of each perfume. The name contains not only a figurative title of the fragrance elixir, but also a number indicating the experiments that were needed to compose this fragrance. The perfumer himself names his creations as a mixture of "disconcerting lightness & amazing complexity". In his mixtures Michel Almairac captures the fragrances that at first seem unconventional and makes them shine by combining them.
In each object, the famous perfumer sees more: a rose is not just a flower, but represents the alluring seduction of its fragrant leaves. A heavy leather jacket exudes the spicy notes of the Wild West, and in his mind he combines a soft marshmallow with sensual vanilla and fruity components.
You see: Every perfume by Parle moi de Parfum is worth getting to know.

Stories about perfume - a family tradition conquers the world

Parle moi de Parfum (Tell me about perfume) is born of a family tradition of the House of Almairac: Benjamin and Romain Almairac grew up with the stories of perfume. In a way, the love of unique fragrances and their transformation into perfumes was born in their cradles. Indeed, their father Michel Almairac brought home new stories of perfume every day from his work as a respected perfumer. The two brothers have absorbed the passion and dedication since childhood and now, together with their father, make perfumes whose stories they spread around the world. In a beautiful store, at the same time laboratory in Paris, the perfumers make the experimental fragrance compositions in front of the eyes of people interested in perfume and are not satisfied until the fragrance meets their imagination, making the perfume creation to be experienced by all the senses.

As captivating as a flattering scent story - perfumes by Parle moi de Parfum

To give you an insight into the world of fragrances by Parle moi de Parfum, we have selected three fragrances here to give you a pictorial demonstration of their textures:

  • TOTALLY WHITE/126 ... This light, clean musky fragrance brings together a composition of four white flowers: lily of the valley and lilac, jasmine and syringa. Light and natural-beautiful, this subtle fragrance blends all its gentle facets into a unique harmony. Memorable, captivating and cuddly, Totally White beguiles with its invigorating energy and equally soothing warmth ...
  • FLAVIA VANILLA/82 ... the unadulterated beauty of vanilla, paired with spicy flamboyant ylang-ylang. This fragrance shows us how beautiful the simplicity of life can be - youthful and playful with a hint of green michelien flower, the extravagant sensuality bows to the smoky heart of vanilla in Flavia Vanilla ...
  • UNE TONNE DE ROSES/8 ... An untamed blooming rose with a drop of patchouli combines fierce wildness with extravagant elegance and lets you experience gentle shivers of well-being. The rosy floral shower lays powdery sensual on the mind and embraces like a bath full of roses with the lush floral bouquet ...

The perfumes of Parle moi de Parfum can be found in a stylish clean glass bottle and an environmentally friendly box without artificial additives. In fact the Parisian perfumers put the focus on the essence in the bottle. Quality ingredients of natural origin with highly concentrated perfume oils for long-lasting intense pleasure.

Interested in the fragrance? Experience the perfumes of Parle moi de Parfum, composed with scientific precision and loving craftsmanship, for yourself.