Augustinus Bader

Luxury care by Dr. Augustinus Bader - innovative products based on the "wisdom of the body"

A radiantly beautiful skin, a flawless complexion, a youthfully fresh appearance or even flawless bodies à la Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber or Alexa Chung is something everyone would like to have ... But why only dream about it? Stop dreaming and get active - because we know the care secret of the beautiful celebrities. Even they can't resist the latest technology in skincare, the "most googled name in skincare" aka Augustinus Bader.

And we'll tell you why:

DASPARFUM & Beauty would like to introduce you to the new wonder weapon in the field of facial and body care. Thanks to biotechnology, your body is transformed into a self-healing beauty factory. Because the cell-renewing care products from Dr. Augustinus Bader make age fade into nothing more than a number.

Buy the exclusive luxury care products from Dr. Augustinus Bader at DASPARFUM & Beauty and receive a luxury sample of The Cream or The Rich Cream worth € 34.50 free of charge with a purchase value of € 150 or more.

Find out more about the founders, ingredients and more in our brandworld of Augustinus Bader.

Dr Augustinus Bader is a university professor in Leipzig and one of the leading scientists in the field of stem cells and biomedicine. The focus of his research is the human body itself, "the most impressive machine of all".

It does incredible things for us every day and is our flagship. Yet we take it for granted. It's time to say thank you to our body and our skin! And what better way to say thank you than with well-being care that celebrates the wonder of our own bodies?

Let yourself be pampered by the products of Dr. Augustinus Bader and help yourself to youthfully fresh and radiant skin on your own with the power of your body.

Your own body as a self-healing beauty machine

Dr. Augustinus Bader and the experts behind the blue care series do not believe in beauty myths. The secret to beauty is already slumbering inside you and is just waiting to be activated. Because the best therapy is provided by your body itself. Your own genetic code provides the key to the effectiveness of Augustinus Bader's products thanks to the ABC method he discovered:

  • Activation: The body's own signalling structures of the cells are copied and fed back.
  • Boosting (amplification): Through this feedback of the signal structures, the cells are supported in self-healing and your skin can regenerate in a controlled and safe manner.
  • Commitment (binding signals): The signals of the skin assign sites to the cells where repair or regeneration is needed.

This imitation of the body's own process is based on years of research on stem cells and constant optimisation up to the finished product of Dr. Augustinus Bader's renowned care range. The proprietary active complex is accompanied by exclusively natural ingredients and highly effective botanicals that are free of any parabens, fragrances and chemical substances.

Youthful radiant glow with the intelligent, skin-renewing care products

With its entire skincare range, Dr. Augustinus Bader serves a very popular niche in the luxury skincare market to combat skin ageing. In addition to the needs of the skin on the face, the care series also covers the care of the body. You can find these exclusive products by Dr. Augustinus Bader at DASPARFUM & Beauty:


  • The Cream - Award-winning moisturiser: Light texture that moisturises, stimulates cell renewal and leaves a healthy, fresh look.
  • The Rich Cream - Rich Night Care: Smooth texture stimulates cell renewal and moisturises to the deepest layers of the skin for a healthy and radiant complexion.
  • The Cleansing Balm - Purifying Cleansing Balm: Reliably removes make-up and environmental dirt and additionally nourishes the skin.
  • Gentle Cleansing Gel: Active plant substances that powerfully cleanse, revitalise, refresh and soothe.
  • The Exfoliating Toner - 3-fold effect exfoliating toner: gentle exfoliation, cleansing toner and a renewing essence in one for soft, smooth and healthy glowing skin.
  • Nourishing Lip Balm: moisturises dry lips and fights signs of ageing.
  • Fast-absorbing Facial Oil: Supports cell renewal, provides the skin with nutrients and has a skin-refining effect.


  • The Body Cream - luxurious and buttery body cream: The award-winning bestseller for deeply nourished skin that looks firm, toned and healthy.
  • The Body Lotion - fast absorbing body lotion: The super-hydrator for refreshment that fights impurities, soothes and firms skin texture thanks to active botanicals and an innovative active complex.
  • The Body Oil - nourishing, smoothing and firming body oil: A high-performance oil that nourishes the skin and leaves it smooth and firm.
  • The Hand Treatment - pampering hand treatment: Pamper the skin with moisture while improving elasticity and preventing skin ageing.

All products are equipped with a special active complex, the TFC 8 (Trigger Factor Complex 8), which stimulates the skin's own regeneration process. With over 40 different ingredients, such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, lipids and peptides, this active ingredient is a true multi-talent.
So you can look forward to reliable luxury care, that permanently counteracts skin ageing, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The results of these exclusive miracle products can already be seen after four weeks. Based on clinical tests, test subjects were able to give objective assessments of the products over a longer period of time and confirm their effectiveness.
In addition to the unique active complex that stimulates the self-healing process, your skin is supplied with moisture and the most important nutrients right down to the lowest layer of skin and is thus visibly refined, rejuvenated and firmed.

The "intelligent skin care products" have a long-term and lasting effect against a variety of skin problems. Benefit from smooth, radiant and particularly healthy skin thanks to the luxury care from Dr. Augustinus Bader.
Feel reborn thanks to the latest achievement in biotechnology!

Sustainability and environmental awareness as guiding principles for Dr. Augustinus Bader's care products

Dr. Augustinus Bader is guided in his mission by "green values". This means formulas in the care products that are very environmentally friendly and contain only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Equally important to the skin care experts are sustainable sourcing of the materials to be processed and animal-free manufacturing. By 2021, Augustinus Bader is even aiming for completely vegan production.
The containers and packaging are largely made from recyclable FSC-certified paper, reducing packaging waste by up to 60 %. You can enjoy your unique care experience with a clear conscience and do something good for the environment.

By the way: The Dr. Augustinus Bader Foundation donates 10% of every product sold to aid organisations. These include donations to the Red Cross to support fire victims in Australia, the SOS Children's Village in Rwanda and the Children's Village Emergency Programme in Jordan, as well as a partnership with One Tree Planted for reforestation.

With the exclusive luxury care from Dr. Augustinus Bader, you are not only doing yourself a favour, but also making a contribution to the global community.