BDK Parfums Paris luxury perfumes create the parisian character as a fragrance

In the heart of Paris in the immediate vicinity of the Palais Royale is the heart of BDK Parfums - the office of David Benedek, the founder of the brand. The young Parisian perfume designer enjoys walking the parisian streets, having a coffee in one of the small cafés and meeting extraordinary people while strolling around the royal palace.
This is his way of gathering inspiration for his enticing premium niche fragrances for ladies and men and capturing the character of Paris in them. His now four perfume collections all have a different focus. The Collection Azur sees itself as a tribute to the Mediterranean with fresh and light fragrances. The Collection Parisienne captures Paris with all its facets. The Collection Matières highlights a special ingredient in each of its particular parfums for everyday wear that defines the fragrance. And the Collection Exclusive is a tribute to London's Harrods brand.

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Seductive women's and men's niche fragrances from Paris of special elegance, timeless classicism and with completely unique status. Discover the premium fragrances of BDK Parfums in your perfume online shop and buy them online at DASPARFUM & Beauty.

BDK Parfums Paris: A limitless palette of raw materials for a whole library of exceptional luxury perfumes

A raw material around which the fragrance is built - that is the secret of David Benedek and his premium niche fragrances from BDK Parfums. Distinctive one-of-a-kind fragrances spread their sillage and make each elixir raw material stand out skillfully.
BDK Parfums Paris creates not only fragrances, but personalities, which on the one hand take you to the scene as a fragrance experience, and on the other hand encourage the wearer to flaunt their own uniqueness.

All niche perfumes by BDK Paris are composed of high-quality concentrates, previously extracted from the exquisite raw materials. An important point that distinguishes BDK Parfums' premium perfumes is their manufacturing process. Through and through "Made in France" from the essence to the bottle. BDK Parfums relies on the french savoir-faire. The capital of perfume art is not only a frangance leader, but also stands out with exceptional craftsmanship, as is evident in the perfume bottles of BDK Parfums.
Elegant, puristic and timeless, the perfume bottle of transparent fired glass with its beveled edges is a work of art of glassblowing. It emphasizes the special colors of the luxury perfumes inherent in it and makes them shine. The icing on the cake is the gold or black bottle cap. Inspired by the dome of the Grand Palais, it was crafted by a master goldsmith from Paris. And how fitting: The Grand Palais houses the most valuable treasures from Paris - just as the golden bottle cap preserves the luxurious perfume essence of BDK Parfums.

The legacy of perfume art: BDK Parfums is the legacy of grandparents to their grandson

David Benedek's grandparents, who fled from Transylvania, have built a new life in France. His grandfather, previously a lawyer, cannot practice his vocation in France. His grandmother then takes courses with great pleasure to become a beautician. She treats well-heeled ladies who wear fine perfumes. These acquired David's grandfather and so they became one of the first distributors of perfumes in Paris, including major brands such as Christian Dior and Worth. David Benedek grew up with perfumes and their stories - and because of that developed the desire to turn the passion that had been burgeoning since childhood into a profession.
He studied business and management before enrolling at the Institut Français de la Mode. This was followed by years of apprenticeship with the most recognized perfumers such as Givaudan and the Parfuminstitut Cinquième Sens.
He created his own fragrance house BDK Parfums in 2016 and he continued the family tradition. Since then, the luxurious unisex perfumes of BDK Parfums Paris are created in close proximity to the Palais Royale and spread Paris around the world with their unique fragrance characters.

A look at the four perfume lines from BDK Parfums

All exclusive unisex fragrances from BDK Parfums fulfill exactly one goal: to make their wearer happy by feeling like a second skin. Whether a perfume for everyday life or a very special occasion, you are sure to find the right alluring fragrance for women or men from Paris for you in the four perfume lines. A harmonious balance of the best raw materials, a critical eye and an even more trained nose of the most respected niche perfumers contribute to the exquisite premium niche perfumes of BDK Parfums Paris.

Each collection has unique traits like each person himself. Discover the different fragrance facets of BDK Parfums in your exclusive perfume online shop DASPARFUM & Beauty and buy your Eau de Parfum favorites online:

  1. Collection Parisienne: The Parisienne perfume line consists of five unique fragrances, each showing a different facet of Paris. People, encounters or even fleeting movements that BDK Parfums Paris founder David Benedek has heard find their way into his exclusive premium perfumes.

    BOUQUET DE HONGRIE (flowery, musky)
    PAS CE SOIR (fruity, spicy)
    ROUGE SMOKING (fruity, powdery)
    GRIS CHARNEL (oriental, woody)
    NUIT DE SABLE (flowery, spicy)

  2. Collection Matière: BDK Parfums' Matière perfume line was inspired by nature and consists of four unique fragrances, each focusing on a different main raw material.

    TUBÉREUSE IMPÉRIALE (flowery, oriental)
    WOOD JASMIN (oriental, flowery, woody)
    OUD ABRAMAD (oriental, woody, spicy)
    CRÈME DE CUIR (leathery, citrus)

  3. Collection Azur: The Azur perfume line is like a trip to the Mediterranean. The fresh fragrances of BDK Parfums are virtually a paean to the cool wet.

    CITRUS RIVIERA (citrus, woody)
    SEL D’ARGENT (musky, salty)

  4. Collection Exclusive: Specially designed on the occasion of the brand at Harrods in London, BDK Parfums presents an exclusive collection of two fragrances:

    FRENCH BOUQUET (chypre, flowery)
    TABAC ROSE (woody, rosy)

We hope this insight into the luxurious fragrance world of BDK Parfums Paris has pleased you and inspired you to a fragrance experience with the special premium niche perfume for women and men. DASPARFUM & Beauty as your exclusive perfume online shop is happy to advise you.