Senteurs d'Orient

Senteurs d'Orient - The secret of oriental bathing culture for velvety skin

The gentle lapping of water puts you in a trance-like state of relaxation. The light in the dome of the Hammam bathhouse, supported by noble columns, is pleasantly dimmed and mild temperatures envelop you. Your body puts aside any stress on the cool stone couch. A warm feeling of contentment and balance spreads through you. You breathe in deeply. The spicy scent of musk and wood puts you in a deep inner peace, a light splash of orange has a refreshing effect on your mind and the opulent abundance of a flower bouquet of sensual jasmine blossom, lovely gardenia and aphrodisiac tuberose mixes with the essential oils of healing herbs.

Senteurs d'Orient whisks you away to an oriental temple of wellness with the diverse scents of the Orient and brings a piece of Far Eastern bathing culture into your bathroom with its handmade, fine luxury soaps. An intoxicating pleasure experience for body and soul that will pamper you with silky-soft skin and pure relaxation.

Discover the soothing effect of the fragrant soaps from the heart of the Orient and learn more about the meaningful mission of the founder of Senteurs d'Orient:

The beauty of the different Far Eastern cultures united in exclusive luxury soap

"My inspiration was to create products infused by the spirit of the Orient, and reflect the multiple 'beauty of the Easts' cultures so close to my heart"
– Hana

Founder of Senteurs d'Orient, Hana, is originally from Lebanon, but was born and raised in Tokyo. She carries the cultures and traditions of both of her two Far Eastern home countries in her heart. And these were also the inspiration for the creation of exclusive soaps for the niche sector. Japanese sophistication blends with the sensuality of the Orient - fine handmade soap bars with the seductive scents of oriental flowers and nourishing essential oils. Hana shares her love and passion for physical well-being, beauty and luxurious moments of pleasure with her daughter, Sarah. Together they create the exclusive soaps inspired by the Orient in a fusion of fine craftsmanship and an authentic lifestyle. In doing so, they take up well-being traditions and bathing rituals of the Orient, translate them into the modern age and want to spread the unique moments of pleasure of an oriental bathhouse all over the world with their luxury soaps.

The best from the Orient - natural medicinal herbs, fragrant flowers, rich oils

The variety of raw materials from the oriental world allows the creators of Senteurs d'Orient luxury soaps to draw on a wide range of essential oils, the most precious essences from native flowers, as well as nourishing plant extracts.

Each soap is infused with moisturizing olive oil, antioxidant vitamin E and rich shea butter to give you the special luxury of an oriental bathing experience. The fine luxury soaps gently cleanse and moisturize your skin for soft, nourished skin. The best ingredients from the world of care unite in the soaps with the best from the world of perfume. Their exquisite fragrances are specially distilled from flowers by perfumers in Grasse for Senteurs d'Orient and perfectly capture the opulent floral world of the Orient.

All Hammam soaps are made from a vegetable soap base and are free from harmful ingredients, artificial colors, silicones and parabens, as well as sebum and titanium oxides. They are produced by hand – vegan and free of animal tests.

Traditional handwork combined with modern machines

The tradition of soap making originates from Syria and can be traced back to the 8th century. The production of Senteurs d'Orient soaps is based on traditional methods that have been optimized with modern methods thanks to two years of evolution in craftsmanship and research.

First, all the fine ingredients are mixed by hand until the vegetable base forms a mass. By grinding the soap mixture several times, the incomparable fineness of the exclusive soaps is achieved. The mixture is then allowed to rest to cool before being shaped and a ten-day air-drying period begins, during which the soaps mature. The finished products are embellished with decorative ornaments like those found on the Arab semolina pastries, Ma'amoul.

Senteurs d'Orient stands for loving craftsmanship in production and packaging.

Soap art in a class of its own: Filigree decorations with an oriental touch

Our exclusive soaps from Senteurs d'Orient come as Mini Ma'amoul Soaps, medium-sized Ma'amoul Soaps, large Hammam Soaps or sets of mixed trios. The miniature soaps, which are also present in the Oriental Trio Set and the Garden Trio Set, come in square, round and oval shapes. The small soaps are especially nice to give as gifts, either individually or as a set. The medium-sized Ma'amoul Soaps are ideal for use as a nourishing hand soap. They clean reliably and give the hands the necessary moisture. The large Hammam Soaps are ideal for showering with the comfortable cotton loop. Inspired by a visit to a Hammam bathhouse, these soaps pamper you with an extraordinarily fragrant and caring experience.

These are the eight unique fragrance variations:

  • Amber enchants with the dark notes of musk and wood, reminiscent of the opulent scents of the Orient. Together with Balsam Peru and floral notes of patchouli, green geranium and fruity orange oil, they enter into an intoxicating composition. Essential coriander oils round out the aromatic experience of the Orient.
  • Cedar of Lebanon is a woody, spiritually-inspired fragrance. A symbol of the country, this soap serves as a tribute to the cedar of Lebanon. A rejuvenation for the spirit, the scent of serenity and the splendor of nature harmoniously unite in this fragrance variation. The fruity-woody notes of orange, pine, cedar, patchouli and sandalwood are carried by essential oils.
  • Honey has a delightfully calming effect with its delicious nuances. The slightly sugary fragrance chords of honey blend sensually with the fruity notes of orange essential oil and the unmistakably resinous notes of benzoin gum.
  • Jasmine of Arabia exudes the tranquility of the jasmine flower of Arabia. Its soft, floral notes evoke the mesmerizing expanses and sensual waves of the mediterranean coast. A floral-aromatic blend of Petit Grain and jasmine essential oils completes the fragrant composition.
  • Orange Blossom has an energetic effect and is inspired by the traditional "White Coffee" of Lebanon. The woody fragrance core of this soap is enveloped by soft floral notes. Essential oils of eucalyptus, orange and copaiba create a wholly luxurious blend.
  • Oriental Gardenia is an intoxicating experience for the senses of lovely creamy white flowers, crisp green leaves and strong stems of oriental gardenia. The floral-woody blend is complemented by essential oils from the wood of the cabreuva balsam tree and cedarwood.
  • Rose of Damascus is a symbol of femininity. The elegant blend contains real roses, which have a mood-lifting effect. The floral aromas are enhanced with the intense essential oils of green geranium, the resin of the guaiac tree, the evergreen tropical tree litsea, fresh mint, fruity laurel and lime.
  • Tuberose is the "Queen of the Night", the natural aphrodisiac among Senteurs d'Orient soaps. It entices with its relaxing yet intense floral scent, conveying the warm sensuality of the Orient. The addition of essential oils such as ylang-ylang, guaiac, celery and benzoin gum makes its use a true luxury experience.

A company by women for women - Senteurs Women's Initiative supports gender equality

With Senteurs d'Orient, founder Hana and her daughter Sarah are pursuing a matter of the heart. Their unconventional business philosophy breaks down long-established structures in Lebanon and loosens the view of women in the Middle East with a modern spirit. With their female entrepreneurial spirit, they aim to empower women in their homeland by employing only women. In this way, women gain independence and self-determination. The Women Initiative was launched in 2011 in partnership with the U.S. to educate and empower women in Lebanon. Senteurs d'Orient also acts for this purpose with local non-profit organizations that implement projects to empower women.

You too can contribute to this good cause when you enjoy the unique benefits of Senteurs d'Orient's luxurious soaps.

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