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Hotly praised in Vogue, ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR and also in the New York Times ... the hype around the popular brand Magicgstripes simply does not tear off. What do they do?
Transform tired droopy eyelids into a radiant, awake look in the blink of an eye

You can now get the popular Magicstripes eye patches against drooping eyelids and highly effective Magicstripes masks to reduce facial wrinkles at DASPARFUM & Beauty. Buy the highly sought-after beauty helpers from Magicstripes online at DASPARFUM & Beauty and let drooping eyelids and unsightly wrinkles disappear as if by magic!

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Which drooping eyelid tapes are best? Magicstripes ... the non-invasive anti-aging treatment you've been waiting for!

Magicstripes landed on the German market thanks to Natalie Franz, an internationally sought-after makeup artist. She has been allowed to apply her secret tips to celebrities of the fashion and music industry such as Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld. Loads of positive feedback have prompted her to share her little beauty tricks with the whole world.
She was inspired by a widespread beauty ideal: big eyes. So why not visually lift the eyelids with tapes and enlarge the eye? The idea of visually concealing drooping eyelids with tapes instead of surgery was so celebrated that Natalie Franz put it into practice with Magicstripes. She herself is also only too happy to use Magicstripes – even on a daily basis, as the young mother reveals.

"With Magicstripes, every woman can optically correct the eyelid And thereby not only look fresher and younger, but also feel that way."

- Natalie Franz

Magicstripes are the miracle cure for wrinkles and annoying drooping eyelids that we have all been waiting for. Uncomplicated, fast and with an immediately visible effect, they take anti-aging treatments to a whole new level.

Tighten eyelids & wrinkles – instantly rejuvenated skin with Magicstripes

Magicstripes is a solution for all of us – whether annoying drooping eyelid that results in an always tired look or wrinkles that you just do not want to identify with yet – DASPARFUM & Beauty presents you the bestsellers and must-haves of Magicstripes. Reach out, because even the stars cannot keep their hands off the small beauty helpers with great effects.

  1. Magicstripes – Collagen Eye Patches:
    These cooling eye pads are a lifesaver after any long night. The Collagen Eye Patches of Magicstripes eliminate puffy bags and dark circles under the eyes effortlessly. The cooling eye pads also supply hyaluron and collagen to the fragile skin around the eyes. The instant effect will blow your mind: a radiant look and a fresh gaze. Even if you're not a morning person – with Magicstripes you have no excuses any more!

  2. Magicstripes – Lifting Stripes in three sizes:
    Magicstripes Lifting Stripes are the solution for a youthful, radiant look in no time at all. Three different sizes (S-L) allow a customized eyelid lift completely without surgery. Droopy eyelids don't stand a chance with the small transparent eyelid tapes. Skin-friendly, without parabens and particularly easy and time-saving to use, the silicone patches perform a stunning lifting effect.
    Size recommendation:
    Size S for slight drooping eyelids and small eyelids.
    Size M for distinctive drooping eyelids and medium-sized eyelids.
    Size L for very distinctive drooping eyelids and large eyelids.

    Unsure? Then order best the Magicstripes Trial Pack with all sizes!

  3. Magicstripes – Magnetic Youth Mask:
    The face mask with magnetic power! The Magnetic Youth Mask works with the power of magnets – it stimulates blood circulation, reduces impurities and promotes the natural regeneration of the skin. The natural herbal ingredients of the face sheet mask can be optimally absorbed by the skin. Rich moisturization and the wonderfully soft and light texture lastingly refresh your skin and make it shine with a very special glow. Look forward to a youthful appearance with smooth, healthy and pure skin.

Magicstripes not only changes you visually, but immediately gives you a new attitude to life. The selected ingredients and the conscious rejection of harmful ingredients such as parabens distinguishes the quality brand to Clean Beauty.

Discover the innovation of Facial Care with Magicstripes and order the bestsellers online at DASPARFUM & Beauty.