Swype Cosmetics

Since March 2020, there is a new star in the German cosmetics sky: SWYPE Cosmetics.

Ebru Tuna founded the brand with the aim of creating effective care products from natural ingredients that are uncomplicated to use and also attractively packaged. The owner was inspired by her turkish grandmother, who made care tinctures from spices and herbs. Thus, the founder discovered her fascination for skin care as a young girl, which eventually led to the creation of her own beauty label.

The care products are packaged in colorful metal tubes which are intended to make you want to use them - this is also reflected in the name of the brand. Just as it's easy to "swype" from one app to another on your smartphone, the skincare products should be just as uncomplicated to use. The portfolio of the Berlin label currently comprises a manageable number of essential products that are ideally coordinated with each other. All ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from small producers. The formulas are developed in the Berlin laboratory in collaboration with an experienced chemist, and harmful substances are consistently avoided. SWYPE Cosmetics was developed with great attention to detail and is our recommendation for all those who are looking for uncomplicated and modern skincare.