Each perfume of the currently existing collections of the French traditional company, is designed as a unisex fragrance and can therefore be worn by men and women alike. Pure, beguilingly beautiful and unmistakably exciting scents are guaranteed after just a few spritzes of the essence, because each perfume has a particularly pure scent image and relies on some tart notes that creatively reinterpret the cognac tradition of this international label. In the production of its fragrances, the Frapin family relies on tradition and is thus always involved in product development. Each Frapin perfume is thus given a special touch. Among Frapin's best-known fragrances is "1270," which alludes to the company's founding in 1270 and was developed by Beatrice Frapin Cointreau. Sweet cocoa, coffee and tobacco beans were mixed with various resins, as well as lovely accents of orange and plum. While you can hear a delicate note of hazelnut in the opening, the base is full of warm vanilla, white honey and exclusive precious woods. Whether for her or for him, this fragrance emphasizes the best in each person!