Tata Harper

Clean premium skincare from Tata Harper: "FARM-TO-FACE!

Green high-end skincare products galore. For face and body, the successful skincare brand from the USA, Tata Harper offers everything the "Clean Beauty" heart desires.
The soothing cleansers, oils, serums, eye creams, peelings and moisturisers not only combat the symptoms, but also get straight to the root of the skin's needs. The founder grows the high-quality ingredients herself on her farm in Vermont and accompanies every step from the idea to the finished product.

Tata Harper stands for compromisingly healthy care without any toxic or chemical additives, and not just in the USA. The founder with her eponymous natural skincare line is celebrated globally. And DASPARFUM & Beauty is also very pleased to offer you the successful niche brand Tata Harper with its completely natural and efficient premium skincare products. Buy Tata Harper now online at DASPARFUM & Beauty!

For even more information about the background, the raw materials and manufacturing processes, feel free to take a look at our Brandworld for Tata Harper.

Tata Harper: Born out of the need for undeniable purity & health

The Colombian-born founder of Tata Harper learned about her passion for skincare and beauty at an early age. She helped out her grandmother in her own spa salon in Baranquilla, Colombia, preparing all the skincare masks and scrubs for the visitors:

Beauty and care simply made her happy. That's why, after some tough news – her stepfather's cancer diagnosis – she decided to ban all chemical and toxic foods and skincare products from her life. She and her family built a new and healthy lifestyle. However, there was no healthy skincare on the market that Tata would have used with a clear conscience.

Without compromising on health, Tata decided to start her own business with her husband. So they founded the all-green and healthy luxury skincare brand Tata Harper.

Clean Beauty was yesterday! Tata Harper introduces new generation of premium skincare products: GREEN BEAUTY

Everything happens under one roof: the "Tata Harper" farm in Vermont. It would be easy to assume that the woman behind such a successful skincare line would have the work done for her. But that wouldn't be Tata Harper.
The founder doesn't let the product cultivation of her key ingredients for the specially formulated beauty complex out of her hands. She reveals her five secret ingredients that refine every Tata Harper product and turn them into natural power packs for the skin:

Arnica, Calendula, Meadowsweet, Borage (Cucumber Herb or Curcuma Herb) & Alfalfa

This basic foundation is enriched with numerous new discoveries from the world of plants. Tata Harper follows the motto: More ingredients for more results and creates their niche skincare products for radiant, beautiful skin with the special botanicals.

Over 300 raw materials from around 68 countries are gathered and combined to create the highest quality skincare formulas. Why just one highly effective ingredient when it can be around 43 high-performance ingredients?
Around 75 % of all the costs of the niche brand Tata Harper go into the high-performance ingredients. No surprise, Tata Harper doesn't use harmful fillers, but instead enriches each product with as many high-performance ingredients as possible – and in the highest concentrations.
You see: Tata Harper is all about skin health and benefits for users:

Let yourself be carried away by the green "Tata Harper" wave, the completely non-toxic and healthy luxury care from America & buy the unique care products online at DASPARFUM & Beauty.

Green values for healthy skincare products – natural skincare from Tata Harper

The luxury products made on the "Tata Harper" beauty farm captivate with their absolutely healthy formulas. Look forward to a very special skincare experience at 100 % free of any non-toxic substances:

  • Synthetic chemicals
  • Artificial fragrances & dyes
  • Toxins
  • Fillers
  • Preservatives
  • Genetically modified organisms

As symbols of health and highly effective qualitative ingredients, the "Tata Harper" premium skincare products rightly carry the following certifications:

  • PETA certifies animal-free manufacturing of the products.
  • The AMERICAN VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION certifies that all formulations are vegetarian.
  • FSC seal: Only paper from sustainable forests is used.
  • All packaging and glass containers are made from 100 % recycled materials.

The extraordinary natural skincare products from Tata Harper are not only an immense benefit for your skin, but also protect the environment. Can skin care be any more beautiful?
We don't think so ... Get to know Tata Harper's completely healthy premium skin care now exclusively at DASPARFM & Beauty and enjoy natural and highly efficient plant substances with great effects.

Buy Tata Harper premium skincare products online now at DASPARFUM & Beauty. We look forward to seeing you!