The basics of facial care: Pamper your face with these premium products your skin has been waiting for

Our skin is the mirror of our soul. And our face as a flagship thereby reveals quite a lot: it can be seen directly whether you are balanced and full of energy or tired and exhausted. Environmental influences and insufficient hydration leave traces on your face. Pamper your face therefore with luxurious premium care products that make small skin problems quickly forgotten.
We at DASPARFUM & Beauty offer an exquisite selection of exclusive niche products for a special facial care routine and would like to introduce you to the uniqueness of premium facial care. Find out about your skin needs in our skin guide. Looking for effective anti-aging skincare or want to familiarize yourself with organic and vegan Clean Beauty products? We have the right one for you. Also: Did you know why system care with special premium care products can make such a significant difference in your daily facial care routine?
We reveal the secret in the following and pack our favorites and top brands for optimal facial care during the day and night still on top.

Find your optimal premium care products for an all-round healthy and radiant complexion and buy luxury face care products easily online at DASPARFUM & Beauty.

System care: What is it and why is this particular care routine so effective?

System care is a vital keyword when it comes to facial care. The 3-phase care system was discovered in 1967 by dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich. The skincare routine at the time, consisting of a piece of soap, a lotion and toner, is as popular today as it was then and is recommended by many beauty connoisseurs because of its high efficiency. This care system offered for the first time a set of coordinated products for a specific skin type, which exactly meets its needs. The special feature of system care is thereby a main active ingredient, which is contained in each product of the series. So the products support each other in terms of their effect. The manufacturers of care series nowadays optimized the system care even further and supplemented it by additional steps. In addition to the first three steps:

  1. cleansing with Cleanser
  2. freshening kick with facial toner
  3. hydration with moisturizer

  4. two more were added:

  5. Final Care stands for a day or night care, which ideally prepares the skin for the demands of the day or regeneration at night.
  6. The icing on the cake are small extra care units such as a pampering mask, a cleansing peel, a refreshing eye care, a protective sun care or a quick instant lifting.

At DASPARFUM & Beauty you will find many luxurious niche care products such as care sets for all skin types, which can be ideally used as system care. Let yourself be inspired: Buy your exclusive premium products for facial care routine online at DASPARFUM & Beauty.

With the right anti-ageing care, there will no be no age anymore

As we age, the production of sebum and collagen diminishes. As a result, fine lines and small wrinkles creep in around the eye and mouth area and the skin looks dry and tired.
It is precisely this phenomenon that the special niche brands Dr. Augustinus Bader, Bioeffect and Dr. Barbara Sturm have fixated on. And we are honest: with these care series, popular with beauty insiders and skin experts, age just fades into a number. All three manufacturers have developed their own special active complex to counteract signs of aging – youthful vitality guaranteed. DASPARFUM & Beauty presents the special features of each brand with their high-end products in detail here:

Dr. Augustinus Bader: The luxury brand stands for "intelligent skin care products" that eliminate a wide range of skin problems in the long term thanks to Dr. Augustinus Bader's research in biomedicine and stem cells. Soft, smooth and healthy radiant skin is the result. The university professor from Leipzig, Dr. Augustinus Bader, uses a TFC 8 active complex in his award-winning care series, which activates the body's own self-healing and regeneration processes and promotes the renewal of the skin. In as little as four weeks, this premium facial care provides your skin with sufficient moisture as well as essential nutrients and activates cell renewal, so that you can quickly enjoy the results of a younger and refined skin appearance. You can find the best-selling Dr. Augustinus Bader The Cream at DASPARFUM & Beauty – try the innovative luxury skincare by Dr. Augustinus Bader now!

Dr. Barbara Sturm: According to her motto "Protect your skin and it will protect you", Dr. Barbara Sturm appeals to the high value of self-care with her anti-aging care series Molecular Cosmetics. The medically and scientifically based luxury care products made purely from plant extracts are intended to implement precisely this mindfulness for one's own skin. And the philosophy hits home: even celebrities can't keep their hands off Sturm's rejuvenation treatment and are only too happy to reach for the hyaluron-enriched Glow Drops. Recharge your level of self-care with Dr. Barbara Sturm's premium products and enjoy a plump and young complexion with a healthy glow.

Bioeffect: The luxury skincare products from Iceland are based on groundbreaking biotechnology. Epidermal Growth Factor is Bioeffect's key complex and is extracted from barley grown in Iceland's volcanic ash and water. It acts as a signalling molecule, directing cells to repair, multiply and rejuvenate. Signs of ageing are thus counteracted by stimulating the skin's own collagen and elastin production, while also providing the skin with sufficient moisture. The seven carefully selected ingredients of the premium care are purely natural and free of any additives such as alcohol or fragrances and preservatives – skin care with a clear conscience.

You decide how young you want to be – the convincing care series at DASPARFUM & Beauty not only promise soothing luxury, but also impress with innovative active complexes. Buy premium care online now!

Natural, organic and completely without chemical ingredients: Clean Beauty

Our Clean Beauty skincare products are true miracles of nature. Free of any chemical additives, the ingredients are based on purely natural and plant-based products. Choose Clean Beauty for your skincare and let our top luxury brands inspire you:

Swype Cosmetics, a young company from Berlin, has been producing completely vegan premium skincare products for fast-moving, active beauty fans since march 2020. And the luxury products in the colourful designs created by founder Ebru Tuna are as modern as a Swype on a mobile phone. Inspired by her grandmother, she only relies on healing herbs and spices that can be used in an unexciting and simple way while making a big impact.

RAAW by Trice was brought to life by founder Trice Angie Christiansen and stands with her luxury care for green and unprocessed raw materials that convince with their natural effects. The founder's involvement with Chinese and Far Eastern beauty cultures led her to completely dispense with chemical ingredients. In her opinion, good skin care goes beyond individual products and embodies a lifestyle.

L'OU SKINCARE carefully handcrafts premium care products for sensitive skin. The raw materials are sourced exclusively from organic farming and processed into cold-pressed high-quality oils, which fulfil all their benefits in the special facial serums for day and night. All products preserve the skin's natural protective barrier, activate cell renewal and ensure a soft and even complexion. 98 % plastic-free, L'OU SKINCARE is also a true pioneer in terms of environmental protection.

With Nuori (from the Finnish "young"), Jasmi Bonnén has been pursuing a completely new approach since 2015: the power of freshness. The raw materials that the founder uses for her premium products not only spring from completely natural sources, but are also only produced in small product batches every 10 to 12 weeks. This ensures the efficacy of the ingredients, which is further enhanced by the specially made packaging to protect them from light, air and bacteria.

Agent Nateur focuses entirely on quality and effectiveness. Every single formulation of the special luxury facial care products contains clinically tested ingredients from Europe on a purely vegan basis. The idea of these premium products comes from the independent thinking and questioning of the founder, Jena Covello. After suffering from endometriosis and adenomyosis, she completely renounces harmful ingredients and wants to inspire others with her lifestyle and products.

Treat yourself to the luxurious care products from the Clean Beauty category at DASPARFUM & Beauty and get the maximum for your health and the environment. Great effect, good conscience!

Selfcare on point: Smart beauty helpers for a real spa treatment at home

The ideal care routine is not yet done with day and night care. What about the self-care moments that sweeten our everyday lives?
DASPARFUM & Beauty shows you the little helpers that put you a smile on the face:
Rich facial masks are not only ideal for relaxing. As true vitamin bombs, they provide the skin with all the necessary nutrients. And we have a welcome excuse for a nice bath. The hot bath water opens the pores and the face mask can deliver its active ingredients to the skin even better. Currently very popular and essential in any bathroom are beauty gems and face rollers.
Massage with gemstones originates from traditional Chinese medicine and is used to bring the body into balance. The rose quartz beauty stone, for example, stimulates the skin through lymphatic drainage and improves the skin's appearance through better blood circulation. Face rollers with gemstones have similar functions. Use them to gently massage your premium skincare product into your face and benefit from the power of the healing gemstones rose quartz and jade. A nice side benefit: the gems don't absorb any of the product like sponges or brushes do, and they deliver it all to your face.

To demonstrate the application to you, we have embedded two videos by beauty expert Dr. Anna Mandozzi of YÙ BEAUTY here, showing how the gemstone facial rollers and Gua Sha gemstones are used particularly effectively:

Carpe Noctem or in the night lies the power: Protective and regenerative night care

Enjoy the night says the inversion of Horace's Carpe diem and DASPARFUM & Beauty also advises you to do so. At night, the skin performs a true miracle. Regeneration and cell renewal take place about eight times faster than during the day, and the body's own collagen reservoirs are also replenished. So why not give our skin another little push to make it work even better?

High-quality night care like the luxurious care products from BYNACHT optimally support precisely these regeneration processes of the skin. Soothing sleep balms, infused with aromatherapeutic ingredients such as bergamot, lavender and lemon balm, induce a deep and gentle beauty sleep.

Support your skin with the rich premium care products for the night – DASPARFUM & Beauty wishes you a relaxing beauty sleep.

Little skin guide: Which care suits your skin type?

Our skin guide is designed to help you assess your skin type. After all, skin care that suits your facial skin is indispensable. It provides your skin with ideal care and meets its needs exactly.

  • Normal skin: Normal skin is the easiest to satisfy in terms of care. The smooth complexion, usually with a rosy tint, has only small to easily visible pores and the appearance of wrinkles is also within the average range. Not too dry and not too oily, normal skin is prone to blemishes now and then, but this is rarely the case.

    Care: A good basic care regimen helps normal skin maintain this solid health. Coordinated day and night creams with high moisture content are highly recommended for this purpose. Make-up should be removed properly, otherwise cleansing with water is perfectly sufficient for normal skin.

    Product recommendation: Everyday Serum by L'OU SKINCARE

  • Oily/ blemished skin: An increased amount of lipids causes the oily sheen known from oily and blemished skin. This is caused by increased sebum production. This skin type is prone to larger pores and impurities such as spots and blackheads.

    Care: Special care is very important for oily and blemished skin. It should be moisturising, but not greasy. A mattifying effect is what this skin type wants. For the special needs of this skin type, mild products such as a cleansing milk or toner should be used for cleansing the face in the evening. It is also important that the products contain as little tensides as possible, as these unnecessarily damage the skin and make it more susceptible to irritations and allergies.
    Product recommendation: Blue Beauty Drops from RAAW by Trice

  • Dry skin: The dry skin type is more prone to wrinkles, which are caused by the lack of hydration and are called dryness lines. The skin surface is uneven due to some rough patches and redness and the dryness makes the skin feel uncomfortably tight and itchy. However, skin dryness can also be a symptom of aging, as the production of sebum stops with age.

    Care: A facial care with a very high moisture content is a must for dry skin types. When cleansing, it is also important to use products that do not contain too many surfactants, such as a cleansing milk, so that the skin is not additionally damaged and moisture is restored with rehydrating ingredients. Products with hyaluronic acid, which help the skin to retain moisture, are recommended for dry skin.
    Product tip: The Rich Cream by Dr. Augustinus Bader

  • Mixed skin: The mixed skin type has both dry and oily areas of skin. Usually, the skin in the T-zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin, belongs more to the oily skin, while the rest of the face and especially the cheeks and the skin around the eyes tend to be dry.

    Care: Caring for combination skin is a real challenge, but doable. Special care is needed to suit the needs of skin that produces too much and too little sebum in places. Either two creams can be used, each applied to the specific zone, or one cream that is not too greasy and used sparingly on the oily T-zone.

    Product tip: Face Cream by Dr Barbara Sturm

  • Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is unstable and prone to redness and irritation. This skin type needs to pay close attention to what ingredients are in their skincare, as their skin is very sensitive to many things and can quickly become irritated.

    Care: With sensitive skin, it is very important to listen to your skin and take intolerances seriously. Initially, this may mean a lot of trial and error, but the right skincare for sensitive skin does exist. Once you have found your skincare routine, you should not deviate from it. For this skin type, it's best to work with soothing ingredients like calendula or aloe vera. Avoid alcoholic additives, and products with lots of tensides or fragrances.

    Product tip: EGF Day Serum by Bioeffect

Now you have mastered the basics of facial care and have some product secret weapons in your hand to get a grip on any skin problem. Pamper every single part of your face optimally and your face will thank you with an incomparable glow. Purchase luxurious facial care products easily online at DASPARFUM & Beauty. We look forward to seeing you.