Xerjoff is a journey into the world of luxury perfumes, a fusion of art and design, a magical union between the wonders of nature and masterful italian craftsmanship. Experiencing the world of Xerjoff is encountering unique olfactory dimensions.

Each and every Xerjoff perfume - an incredible creation

Driven by his love for beautiful things and fascination for the world of luxury perfumes, Sergio Momo founded the fragrance manufactory Xerjoff in 2004. With his first collection XJ17/17 he already created the highest perfume art with unique fragrance characteristics.

Dive even deeper into the world of Italian luxury fragrances with the Brandworld of Xerjoff.

"Naturae Xquisite" - the excellence of nature

The Xerjoff brand reflects perfection. Everything Sergio Momo creates is in harmony with his love and relationship with nature. Taking the best from nature and uniting it with the best that mankind can create - this is the goal Sergio Momo has achieved with Xerjoff, and this is what embodies the true excellence and inspiration of his work.

Xerjoff flacons - as artistic as the fragrances themselves

With their unique and precious design, the handcrafted flacons embody luxury and beguiling elegance. They are made of high-quality materials that skillfully demonstrate uniqueness. Sergio Momo focuses on avant-garde shapes, some of his flacons are true objects of art made of quartz or mouth-blown Murano glass.

Uncompromising on the quality of raw materials

The precious essences are all carefully matched. At Xerjoff Parfums, fragrances are combined with tradition. Behind every fragrance there are years of work and a meticulous creative process. Only the most valuable, precious and individual ingredients are processed into a harmonious composition.

Xerjoff Perfume - the perfect art of fragrance creation

Xerjoff shows with its philosophy that perfume and art are inseparable. In the meantime, Xerjoff comprises six fragrance collections, all of which reflect the brand's aspirations and positioning in their results. Xerjoff thus occupies a niche in which high-quality and exclusive fragrances are at home. Perfumes by Xerjoff represent individuality and are created for people who love the special and the artistic. Experience our selection of Xerjoff perfumes and be beguiled by fragrances that draw sensuality and deep emotions.