Le Rouge Français

LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS: Do not wear more than the purest flower pigments on your lips

The red of France is vegan, an intensive color obtained from plants. The new hype around Clean Beauty is experiencing a real flight of fancy with the makeup brand LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS around founder Élodie Carpentier. High-quality botanicals with bold colors enrich the innovative luxury lipsticks of LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS. And that's not all: LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS packs a benefit for environmental protection on top: Their lipstick cases, made from vegetable oil, are sustainable and refillable.
An all-natural premium lipstick with refill that you can enjoy every day. With nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, moisturizing plant waxes and regenerating oils, your lips will not only shine in rich colors, but will also be beautifully soft cared for.
From a lipstick palette of seductive red tones, delicate shades of pink, intense brown accents and classic nude gradations everyone will find their favorite, which conjures up joy on the lips every day.

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Rich plant colors with the extra boost of care: That's what's in the vegan refillable lipsticks by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS

LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS was created in France in 2018. Élodie Carpentier, founder of LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS, didn't want to give up her beloved makeup products during her pregnancy, but was more than shocked when she studied the ingredients. Not wanting to compromise on her health or that of her unborn child, she began developing her own refillable lipsticks made from completely plant-based ingredients.
She came across plant color that had been used in cosmetics centuries ago - and that was exactly the breakthrough she had been looking for in her luxury makeup.

In their vegan lipstick formulations there are no mineral pigments or titanium oxides, but only the pure extracted from the plant world and processed in the finest luxury make-up.
Natural, transparent and, above all, ethically justifiable - the desire for exclusive make-up products that provide information about origin, production and ingredients is becoming ever greater. Users:inside would like to know what is hidden in their make-up products, which they use every day to present themselves to the world.

The niche brand LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS offers its customers the transparency that is desired and is at a turning point with its completely natural cosmetic products - towards an alternative and innovative approach to premium make-up. On top of that, the refill function for all LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS lipsticks is the innovative breakthrough in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS is a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly, natural luxury cosmetics.
. This is also what DASPARFUM & Beauty stands for and that's why we are happy to establish a conscious approach for sustainable and natural makeup products with a great niche brand like LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS.

Inspired by at first uncharacteristic and unconventional ingredients such as red radish, elderberry, hibiscus, sweet potato, purple corn, tomato lycopene and many others, LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS continues to expand its list of natural botanicals. The specific grinding, extraction and infusion procedures are essential in this process to get to the naturally beautiful color of the ingredients.
. And another advantage: all natural ingredients in the make-up products of LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS deliver moisture, nourish, care, repair and protect in one. Rich shea butter and precious plant beeswaxes, along with the other plant exotics, pamper your lips with highly effective and pure ingredients. For a list of key botanicals, click here: List of ingredients of LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS lipsticks.

Certified luxury: enjoy pure nature in the form of exclusive lipsticks by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS

The pure formulations of vegan lipsticks by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS are awarded with some certificates and purity labels:

  • Clean Beauty (without harmful, irritating, synthetic ingredients or alcohol), also recommended for pregnant women.
  • .
  • Provided by COSMOS ORAGNIC with the BIO seal, because with the exception of the lipstick "Le Rouge Alizarine" all ingredients come from completely natural origin.
  • Awarded the ECOCERT seal by COSMOS ORGANIC, as strict environmental standards are adhered to in the production of LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS make-up products.
  • PETA certifies that LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS makeup is free of animal testing and animal ingredients.
  • All LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS luxury lipsticks are manufactured using the standards of good manufacturing practice in the Normandy region of France.

In addition, LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS is the winner of the 2019 competition "Défi Cosm'éthique Bio 2019", translated the challenge of organic cosmetics.

Completely natural from the inside out: LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS focuses on sustainability

Refill for lipsticks - a novelty in the niche market of luxury makeup products. LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS is making lipstick refills popular with its rich pink, brown, nude and red vegan lipsticks. The best part? They keep their eco-friendly lipstick case made from vegetable oil and can easily plug the refill lipsticks into the existing case.
. Luxury lipstick enjoyment with a clear conscience.

Also with the packaging very much importance is attached to sustainability and environmental protection. All cases of the vegan luxury lipsticks by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS are based on a vegetable base and are also refillable. The biobased transparent lip case is an innovative world first, because it is produced from vegetable oil.
Durable and long-lasting, you can choose any lipstick color of your choice with this case and easily reuse it with the practical refills. The new outer packaging of the refillable premium lipsticks by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS reflects the entire concept of the brand: completely transparent, with high standards and an innovative approach.


This path towards a completely natural, environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to makeup is accomplished by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS together with partners and suppliers who appreciate and represent the same values. Dedicated to sourcing high-quality botanicals, ingredients come only from manufacturers who adhere to certified and ethical production: All LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS exclusive makeup products are produced organically, ecologically (respecting biodiversity) and with social responsibility, i.e. in a fair trade environment.

The adherence to their concept and values they ensure through a long-standing collaboration with the French family business Guayapi, which shines with expertise and success in this field since 1990.

Try the latest trend in the niche world: Vegan Luxury Lipsticks with refill in rich plant colors by LE ROUGE FRANÇAIS.
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