Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon – Luxurious scented candles from royal house

France's Normandy and urban Paris are the settings for our journey to the roots of Maison Cire Trudon, the birthplace of today's cherished scented candles. Let the luxury candles transport you to the olfactory world of Cire Trudon through intoxicating sensations, a crackling flame and dancing shadow plays:

The brand's founder and namesake, Claude Trudon, once ran a modest store in Paris' Rue Saint Honoré. There he sold candles and spices, among other things. The union of these two components in 1643 laid the foundation for one of the oldest wax manufactories in France. Relentless pursuit of improvement in handmade production at home earned the house of Cire Trudon the title of the first and only royal wax manufactory.

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Paraffin-free candles with very long burning time and much more!

The brand of exclusive scented candles has taken advantage of years of experience and combines the heritage of a great house with special features that distinguish each scented candle:

  • High-quality and completely natural beeswax without any kerosenes or chemical additives are the ideal fragrance carrier of the sensual perfumes.
  • The above-average burning time of 55-60 hours make them the ideal gift for long pleasure.
  • Each wick is made of the purest cotton and is characterized by special strength. In addition, clean burning and consistent luminosity are always guaranteed.
  • The glass in the shape of a champagne bucket emphasizes the luxurious character of the era of exclusive candles with the variety of colors ranging from a graceful dark green, majestic red and royal blue to purist white jars.
  • The wide variety of scented candles is adorned by magnificent names of the Baroque era, transporting you to the magnificent halls of Louis XIV with the captivating scents of incense, fir tree bark and orange, among others. The flowery apple orchards of Normandy, in turn, beguile you with sensual notes of night hyacinth. Find your fragrance and ignite your passion.
  • The emblem with the beehive is inspired by the bas-relief of the royal wax manufactory and stands as a traditional tribute to its roots – under the sign of the bee, Cire Trudon luxury candles represent not only excellent quality, but also an awareness of their environment.

Good to know: as part of the Perche Regional Natural Park, Cire Trudon fulfills its promise to protect Normandy's biodervisity and the environment. Their products also aim to promote and spread this awareness. That's why they donate 4 % of all sales revenue to the Orne Dark Bee Conservatory project to support the conservation of the European Dark Bee.

A tribute to bees – luxury candles with tradition

The whole concept and values of each Cire Trudon scented candle embody the love for their French roots. The wax is made of purely natural ingredients from regional beehives in Normandy. Following the motto "Deo Regique Laborant", translated as "The bees work for God and the King", Cire Trudon invites you to feel like queen and king yourself and indulge in the royal luxury of their exclusive scented candles.

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