Perfume Creations for Individualists – Discover a Certain Extravagance with Niche Perfumes

Legends tell of great deeds. Here, perfumes do that. Inspired by unique destinies, breathtakingly beautiful places, and one-of-a-kind encounters, perfumers recreate the stories of the world and translate them into olfactory masterpieces.

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Perfume and beauty are our passion. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for innovative perfumers and their unique creations to present them to you firsthand. Whether it's a light Eau de Toilette, a long-lasting Eau de Parfum, or an opulent Oud fragrance, each scent has its own specialty. As a small inspiration, we introduce you to some of our most exclusive niche perfume brands for women and men:



Xerjoff is an Italian luxury perfume brand known for its exquisite niche fragrances. Since 2004, Sergio Momo's creations have been highly regarded in the world of niche perfumes. The perfumer builds his compositions on his connection to nature, selecting only the most exquisite ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. The excellence of his work is a union of fragrance and design: luxurious materials like velvet wrap the handcrafted bottles made of Murano glass and quartz – olfactory eye-catchers.

Memo Paris

Memo Paris

Memo Paris is a French perfume brand founded in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John. The brand is known for its distinctive fragrances inspired by the founders' travels and discoveries. Each Memo Paris perfume tells a story and takes the wearer on an olfactory journey to distant places. The fragrances are characterized by their exceptional longevity and the creative combination of unusual ingredients. Collections like "Les Echappées" and "Cuirs Nomades" offer unique scent profiles that evoke a sense of adventure and wanderlust. Memo Paris stands for luxury and exclusivity in the world of niche fragrances.


Luxury and Niche Perfumes!
What makes them so unique?

Pure luxury is not a given. This is also the concept behind niche fragrances, which are known for precisely that luxury. The exclusive scent compositions consist of hand-picked ingredients, with the creations solely stemming from the visions of the perfumer. These special compositions are virtually unique works of art, available only in limited quantities.

Niche Perfumes for WOMEN

Do you remember that dream vacation under the Italian sun in Tuscany? Or were you in the mountains on a lonely snowy alpine meadow by a warming campfire? Surely you still have the fresh sea breeze or the smoky smells in your nose, which remained as a memento of that wonderful time. You felt free, relaxed, and invincible.


Niche Perfumes for MEN

A man strolls through the streets. He is attractive, simply dressed, yet exudes a certain elegance. His presence is noticed, and shy glances of admiration touch him. Then he meets THE woman – beautiful, confident, and seemingly unattainable. An intense eye contact and they have passed each other. Does she look back at him? No. But then she catches a uniquely good scent and she cannot help herself. A perfume to turn heads! Only a utopia? By no means. We help you become this man with your fragrance.


Unisex Perfumes

Legends tell of great deeds. For us, perfumes do that. Inspired by unique destinies, breathtakingly beautiful places, and singular encounters, perfumers create the stories of the world and translate them into olfactory masterpieces.