Clean Beauty

Harmless, Safe, Luxurious - DASPARFUM & Beauty is Your Exclusive Online "Clean Beauty" Shop

In the beauty industry, a transformation is underway: Consumers are increasingly focusing on the ingredients of cosmetic products and their impacts on the environment and personal health.
The result: Clean Beauty or the care "free from X".
For the value X, various controversial ingredients (a list can be found below) can be used.

What was once a niche trend has evolved into an internationally sought-after movement. Clean Cosmetics doesn't mean "better" or weighing natural against synthetic ingredients, but creating awareness and transparency about ingredients and their potential impacts. This includes consideration of raw material sourcing, processing, and manufacturing practices, and sustainability.

At DASPARFUM & Beauty, you can buy luxurious "Clean Beauty" products from award-winning niche brands across all categories online – whether it's entirely plant-based care products, clean makeup products, or even niche fragrances with exclusively natural ingredients.

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