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„Perfume is the art that makes memory speak.“ Francis Kurkdjian

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„The Night is a different world of possibilities, a different version of who you are, a nocturnal sense of duality.“

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From us to you

Perfume is an art form that touches people deep inside. We have dedicated ourselves to the fascinating charisma and effect of perfume and beauty.
That is who we are: DASPARFUM & Beauty – experts in the niche market, beauty lovers and perfume connoisseurs with passion.

We advise you about perfume and beauty and offer you still unknown niche insiders and insider tips directly from the beauty metropolises in our online shop as well as in our showroom on site. Unique niche products in the area of fragrances for women and men, care for face and body, natural "Clean Beauty" cosmetics, hair care and make-up, room fragrances and many more.

A piece of luxury for everyday life, the well-deserved self-care routine or a unique fragrance that awakens memories. Our niche products specialize in just that – high-quality, natural ingredients, unique compositions and innovative manufacturing processes result in luxurious and unique products. And we have collected them from all over the world and offer them to you first-hand in our online shop. In addition to the luxury products, we give you an insight into the creation processes and exciting stories of the brands – full transparency for complete trust, because:


Get to know us and discover the world of exclusive niche brands and luxury products from all over the world with us. Our newsletter informs you regularly about exclusive news from the world of DASPARFUM & Beauty.

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The new luxury fragrance from niche brand BYREDO

"It's okay not to be okay": with its paradoxical fragrance nuances, MIXED EMOTIONS picks up those mixed feelings of the current very extraordinary times.

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Sun protection: absolute need or optional help?

This is what you should definitely consider when it comes to sun protection!

DASPARFUM & Beauty enlightens you about the most important facts & measures around the topic of sun protection. With these top niche products you are prepared for the summer!

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Spring fever in the nose

These niche fragrances awaken spring fever

Ready for spring? These are the best fragrances for spring 2021 – handpicked by our fragrance expert Dr. Coucoulis.

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Das Parfum and Beauty
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Opening Hours:
Monday 10:00 - 17:00 • Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 18:30 • Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
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Beauty and elegance are lifestyles and are within our reach: In the pedestrian zone of Bad Soden lies the store of
DASPARFUM & Beauty. Dive into the exquisite world of niche perfumes and luxury care products. Crystal flacons glitter next to pompous chandeliers, artful scented candles are enthroned on marble tables next to luxurious care products.

We welcome you here to be individually advised and convinced by our exclusive articles.

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Free shipping

Hand packed with love

Hand packed with love

Inclusive 3 free samples

Inclusive 3 free samples

The beauty market is diverse and overflowing with good products. So how do you find the product you are looking for?

With us there is no long search, but fast finding. In our shop we present exclusive niche perfumes and beauty insiders that make the hearts of lovers of unusual beauty products and a luxurious lifestyle beat faster.
Founded in 2018, DASPARFUM & Beauty is steadily establishing itself as a sought-after online store for unusual and at the same time exclusive perfume brands and innovative care products. Our customers appreciate us because of our special expertise in the field of luxury and niche brands.
Are you wondering what makes our products so unique? We will be happy to explain it to you:

Once and again: the fascination of niche fragrances and luxury skin care

We at DASPARFUM & Beauty are fully behind the philosophy of unique niche and luxury products. Because unlike conventional beauty products, the concept of our niche perfumes and luxury care products is not based on trends or marketing concepts. The founders of the brands invest in the ingredients and the effects of their products and therefore have an exciting story to tell about their development. The products originate solely from the visions and innovative approaches of creative perfumers and beauty creators.
Quality before quantity is the motto here. Therefore, our products are not represented on the broad beauty market, but are offered exclusively in our store due to their rarity. The exceptional perfumes, award-winning face and body care products, as well as the fascinating luxury accessories are manufactured under strict quality regulations. Only exquisite and powerful ingredients are used for the olfactory compositions - the focus is on the product.

  • ∞ Investment in high-quality ingredients and active substances
  • ∞ Unique products through free artistic creation of the manufacturers
  • ∞ Innovative and exceptional manufacturing methods
  • ∞ Exclusivity due to small product quantities

Diverse, exclusive, unique - that is our luxury range:

Beauty and luxury are a lifestyle that can be felt and seen.
Niche brands for perfume, face and body care, exclusive make-up products and luxury accessories such as scented candles and room sprays, drinking bottles, gemstone facial rollers, beauty food and much more make our range so incredibly diverse.
Get inspired and discover your uniqueness with our products:

Exceptional luxury perfumes for women & men

Fragrances are sympathy carriers, awaken beloved memories or let us appear self-confident. So why put this task in the hands of a random fragrance, when a unique luxury perfume could ensure this for you?
Our unique niche perfumes for men and women, as well as our unisex fragrances, are all unique, created with a passion for the art of perfumery. Exquisite raw materials are processed into exclusive niche perfumes based on experimental and visionary creation ideas. Long-lasting and very intense, our perfumes have a mood-lifting effect, make you stand out and leave an impression.

What do you benefit from with a luxury perfume? You will enjoy your unique fragrance for a very long time, as the high concentration of fragrance oil already develops its complete scenting power with one spray - less is more and lasts longer. A true fragrance experience offers the development of a niche perfume. While the top note can be smelled present at the beginning, it is replaced in the course by the heart note and finally the base note. The gradual unfolding leads to a unique fragrance development, which makes all fragrance components stand out individually.

Show your best side – face care

Our face is our figurehead. Therefore, it requires very special care with the best active ingredients. We offer you suitable facial care depending on your skin type, which you can find out in our skin guide: rich oils for dry skin, clarifying serums for combination skin, matting creams for oily skin, supportive night care and cell-renewing miracle products for anti-aging care. All of our products are made with the utmost care from high-quality and natural formulas and feature innovative active complexes for the skin. The skin's own processes are supported, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped up and skin impurities are eliminated. Discover our wide range of creams, oils, serums, day and night care products that perfectly match the productive times of the skin. Wonderful system care sets for the perfect care routine, pampering spa experiences for your home - there are no limits to luxury with our niche products.

Home spa experiences with exclusive body care

Feel-good care from head to toe - with our products, body care is no longer a long process, but becomes a true luxury experience. Fast-absorbing creams, lotions, scrubs and oils save your precious time while still richly pampering your skin with moisture and essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy complexion. Enticing fragrance journeys to the Caribbean with Ligne St Barth or the innovative cell-renewing care formulas by Dr. Augustinus Bader and Dr. Barbara Sturm take body care to a whole new level. The skin on the most frequently stressed parts of the body, our hands and feet, requires specially designed care products. The especially nourishing formulations of creams and peelings refresh tired skin and stimulate circulation. Treat your body with exclusive niche products.

Clean Beauty - natural is in

The Clean Beauty category is our best selection of natural cosmetics - organic to completely vegan. The brands pay attention to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and resource-saving production as well as the use of natural and healthy ingredients. The skin should be supported in its own effect and not be burdened with additional ingredients such as fragrances or even chemical additives. Care for the face and body can namely also be produced completely from natural formulations and still develop a great effect.
Clean Beauty is for all those who want to have a positive impact on the environment with their lifestyle and this is also reflected in their actions and products.

Beauty Food - Your Daily Dose of Miracle Cure

Beauty Food is the vitamin boost for your body. Under this category you will find numerous products that, in addition to a balanced diet, provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. The manufacturers have intensively studied the active ingredients that are essential for a healthy and well-functioning organism. The results are true miracle products that will make you glow.
With YLUMI supplements in capsule or powder form, all the needs of the body are covered. The tested medicinal herbs, vital mushrooms and important vitamins in the cures lead to radiant skin, strong hair and nails, a strong immune system, healthy intestinal flora and an overall sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Make-up on fleek

Who doesn't wish for it - the perfectly fitting make-up? Reliable hold, matching the skin type and completely vegan. AXIOLOGY, M2 Beauté and UND GRETEL are the right brands to contact. Trendy colors, well-tolerated, natural ingredients with long-lasting formulas are combined with tested applicators and plastic-free outer packaging in these makeup brands.
AXIOLOGY's buttery-soft, moisturizing lipsticks pamper lips thanks to ten natural oils, leaving them glowing with luxurious brilliance. UND GRETEL ensures the perfect eye look with strong color pigments and easy-to-use applicators. Liquid eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascara and corrective concealers impress with natural chamomile extracts and a long hold. M2 Beauté specializes in easy make-up removal. Oil-free, gentle cleansing cares for and stimulates skin renewal at the same time.

Hair like you´ve just come from the salon

A top-styled, silky-soft and healthy mane does not always need a visit to the hair expert. With our exclusive hair care products full of natural ingredients, without silicones and parabens, you can easily care for your hair yourself. Shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments for different hair needs provide the hair richly with moisture and the most important vitamins and minerals. Trendy styling products from hairspray to hair wax make it easy to achieve the perfect hairstyle. Hair care made easy with luxurious niche products for hair.

Everything for men

Whether it's perfume, facial care or high-end beard care - we want to make our male customers just as happy as our female customers. To ensure that men also get their money's worth, our range includes niche brands for hair and beard care, face and body care, and special creams for eyes and hands. Because the man of today knows that a well-groomed appearance with the right products is quite simply a routine. Delight yourself with your special perfume and pampering care to treat yourself to a certain luxury in everyday life.

Luxury accessories for your interior: room fragrances, scented candles, diffusers

After a long day, close the door behind you and arrive at home. A cozy retreat is quite important to relax and recharge your batteries. What better way to do that than a soothing evening by candlelight and the comforting scents of an exceptional scented candle? In numerous colors, scents, glass and ceramic containers as well as natural waxes, our scented candles embellish and create a fragrant ambience. Other options for room fragrancing can be found in the form of cabinet and room scents, as well as decorative diffusers. Beautify your home with aesthetic scented candles and room fragrances and enjoy the relaxing tranquility of sensual scents.

These are our service promises to you:

  • DASPARFUM & Beauty is your contact for all questions about fragrance and beauty. And because your satisfaction is our greatest interest, we strive to always offer you the best service. This includes professional advice by phone or e-mail and clarifying any of your questions and concerns. You are also welcome to visit our store in Bad Soden am Taunus and see our products for yourself.
    How can we help you? Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Buying a perfume in the Internet seems paradoxical at first glance. However, our precise product descriptions evoke familiar associations, so you get an impression of the perfume just from reading them. The pictorial impressions give you a first idea. If you like what you read, you can always order fragrance samples to test your favorite perfumes. By the way, with every order you will receive three free fragrance samples of your choice or luxury samples.

  • You are looking for a gift for your loved ones, but can not decide? In this case, it's best to leave the choice to the recipient. An elegantly designed gift coupon with a personal message is a beautiful and at the same time individual gift. Our gift coupons are available from €50 - €500 and will be sent to you either by mail or via email as a PDF. Conjure a smile on the lips of your loved ones and surprise them with a gift coupon from DASPARFUM & Beauty.

  • So many unique products - who is supposed to keep track? So that you do not lose sight of your beauty favorites, you can easily add them to your wish list and retrieve them at any time. Create an account at DASPARFUM & Beauty and browse through the many fantastic products, collect favorites and always have a suitable heart's desire ready when you are asked.

  • Thanks to our secure payment methods, you can feel in good hands. You can choose from the following payment options: Prepayment by bank transfer, cash on delivery, payment by credit card, Amazon Pay, instant transfer or a payment by Paypal. In your order confirmation you will receive all information about your order as well as our bank details.

  • Because we know that anticipation is the best joy, we strive to ship your orders as quickly as possible. Lovingly and safely packed, we send your delivery directly after the receipt of payment:
    Within Germany, expect 2 - 4 days. (Shipping costs of 5.99 € are waived from an order value of 25 €)
    Free shipping to Austria from 50 € order value (otherwise 10 €).
    If there is a problem with your delivery or you are not satisfied with the goods, you can easily return your order within 14 days.

We never get enough of perfume and beauty! You can find even more info here:

  • Our fragrance expert Dr. Coucoulis is a passionate perfume lover and expert in this field. Again and again he presents exclusive Eau de Parfums and novelties from our shop in videos on Youtube and makes you experience them sensually with his explanations. Dive into the world of niche perfumes with Dr. Coucoulis and be inspired.

  • Our magazine offers information and news on the topics of Beauty, Lifestyle/Travel, Well-Being and Interior. To keep you up to date with what's going on in the world of beauty connoisseurs, we look for the latest trends and tips around perfume & beauty.

  • Knowledge is power and transparency is important. We enlighten you on what is hidden behind cryptic technical terms. Ingredients, beauty rituals and much more are put under the microscope and explained for you in our lexicon. Get smart about what is in your perfumes and care products.

We hope you enjoy our shop and look forward to discovering your uniqueness together with you.