Design scented candles against all convention: the multisensory experience by Fornasetti

Painter, poet, sculptor and interior designer - Piero Fornasetti's designs are many things, but not ordinary. A true visionary, he already revolutionized 19th century Italian craftsmanship with his approximately 11,000 unique designs. Even today, his creative works of art, including unusual pieces of furniture and interior accessories are very popular. With us you can get the unique scented candles of the niche brand Fornasetti, whose artist went down in art history thanks to his extraordinary eccentricity.

What makes the luxury scented candles so incredibly unique, how you can enjoy your luxury candle for a particularly long time and what mistakes should be avoided at all costs for this, we reveal to you below.

Small dots, fine strokes, artistic embellishments, a golden accent - the wonderful play of light and shadow shapes the beautiful face of soprano Lina Cavalieri, Piero Fornasetti's muse. From the black and white motif of the design scented candle, she captures the viewer's gaze with her luminous eye. Instead of the other eye, a shutter frames her flawless face like a picture in a picture. A heavenly impression of this beautiful woman framed in clouds.

Whether masked, nobly covered with a gold net, as a corsairess or an Indian princess - Fornasetti's exclusive designs convince with their detailed subtleties, the contrasting effects, different character structures and the prominent gold accents. Cavalieri's full kissing mouth alone is dressed in color and beguiles with its various facets.

Pointillism and surrealism enter into a lovely symbiosis in Fornasetti's creations and are a delight to the eye and the nose.

Practical art for your home: extravagant scented candles by the niche brand Fornasetti

Together with his friend and business partner Gio Ponti, Piero Fornasetti creates the unique scented candles and becomes one of the most famous names in design in Italy. True to his motto "practical madness", he created motifs that combine beauty and creativity with a practical use. Mostly provided with a humorous vein, the beautiful decorations spread wit, charm and sparkling uniqueness with a smart wink.

At the same time, the luxury candles are usually hardly recognizable as such. Provided in a beautiful ceramic vessel with a lid, they can still be wonderfully used as a container after burning. Art combined with a practical use. In the 20th century he went down as one of the most remarkable personalities in Italy. He achieved this position with his innovative idea of making his creations go beyond the ordinary.

Italian craftsmanship meets fragrance experience

The production of all scented candles is characterized by Italian craftsmanship. Handicraft in the house of Fornasetti is not only a tradition, but also a recognizable feature of the brand. The ceramic vessels are still made by hand today under the direction of Fornasetti's son, Barnaba Fornasetti, in a studio in Milan. The unique ceramic pieces with the incomparable Fornasetti motifs are filled with candles made of vegetable waxes, hand-drawn in France. The gentle scents are created especially for Fornasetti by Chanel's master perfumer, Olivier Polge, and are a floral to spicy-oriental fragrance experience.

They get their unique distinction from the poetic and humorous designs. By transferring two-dimensional art to three-dimensional works, Fornasetti establishes himself as a master of electicism. In this style all sorts of philosophies, disciplines and styles are thrown together and reassembled. Among others, his beloved Italian epochs of the modern and clear Novecento, the Renaissance and the futuristic and enigmatic Pittura metafisica found their way in.

Short and sweet: these are the highlights of our exclusive design candles by Fornasetti at a glance:

  • Reusable ceramic vessel with extraordinary motif by Piero Fornasetti
  • Beguiling, long-lasting fragrance "Otto" with spicy to oriental components: Thyme, lavender, cedarwood, incense and birch or floral fragrance with ivy, lily of the valley, iris, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood, musk
  • Very long burning time of up to 60 hours
  • Wax made from 100% vegetable ingredients and mineral kerosenes
  • Wick made of pure cotton, which burns evenly and is biodegradable
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers, as no pesticides or chemical fragrances are included

In our range you will find small and large scented candles in the style of the Italian founder, as well as a beautiful ceramic diffuser with floral motif and fragrance.

Do you know the proper way to use luxury scented candles? Avoid these mistakes for longer pleasure:

  1. Shorten the wick – the wick should always have a length of about five millimeters. If it's too long, shorten it to avoid soot buildup.
  2. Consider room height – high rooms are ideal for letting scented candles burn for a long time. In low rooms, it is better not to let them burn too long.
  3. Choose the right place – places where there is a slight breeze or a collision point of cold and warm air are recommended. This is because it carries the fragrance throughout the room.
  4. Do not forget to ventilate – after using a scented candle, a good airing is very important. This is advised by the Federal Environment Agency to reduce the risk for allergy sufferers due to the fragrances contained.
  5. Even burning – to burn the candle evenly, you should make sure that the entire surface becomes liquid.
  6. Storage – protect your scented candle from dust and loss of fragrance by covering it with its lid or storing it under a glass bell jar.
  7. Reuse ceramic containers – after burning, the candle containers are still suitable as decorative home accessories. To do this, simply remove the wax residue by soaking it in hot water.

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