Blanche has been created based on the perception of the white colour.The fragrance,Blanche Eau de Parfum was created and launched the first and than was followed by the hair mist,hand cream,body lotion and shower gel,and lately Blanche Body cream which is the newest piece of the whole collection. Blanche Eau de Parfum is pure and simple in structure but extreme in character.It represents not only a fragrance but also an appreciation for classic beauty. The luxurious body lotion is the pampering moment after showering and not only nourishes the skin velvety soft, but also leaves a hint of the favorite fragrance. The shower gel gently cleanses, moisturizes and softens the skin while giving it a heavenly scent that lasts all day. Forget dry hands with the Blanche Hand Cream.It gives your hands the softness and freshness that they need the whole day. One whiff of the Blanche Hair Mist from BYREDO is enough to add that special touch to updos, curls or blow-dried waves. The non-drying formula nourishes and provides a shiny finish without stressing the hair or making it look heavy. At once exploring softness and strength, Blanche is an intimate expression, powerful in its purity.